Samsung Gear S3 – Jeweler Digital Watch Face – 3 FREE Coupons – MUST SEE! – Jibber Jab Reviews!

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Samsung Gear S3 – Jeweler Digital Watch Face – 3 FREE Coupons – MUST SEE! – Jibber Jab Reviews!

WATCH FACE GIVEAWAY! I will be giving away THREE FREE coupon codes for any of the watch faces I reviewed in this video. To be eligible, just like and comment on this video.

On July 25th, 2017 I will randomly select three names from those that have commented (one entry per person). I will post the name here on the 25th so make sure you check back then. You will need to provide me with your location (country) and then I will have a coupon issued to you.

Good luck to all!

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Jibber Jab Couple says:

CONTEST GIVEAWAY WINNERS ANNOUNCED – Congratulations to the following winners:

OfficialKeithIt Spinx84 Talat Ozoral
Please ensure you email me ( ) and let me know which country you are located in, and which watch face you would like, so that the developer can issue you the coupon code.

Loai Kalaji says:

thanks. but how van one have access to schortcuts for apps?

Diego M says:

Very nice that it's all digital. A nice change

Glenn Lahde says:

Great looking watch face. Nicely crafted by Jeweler.

sulf49 says:

Installed this in my Gear S3, the digital no 1 is so confusing because it is similar to No 7 minus 1 bar.

Talat Özoral says:

I was waiting a digital face for a long time. I am so happy that Daro made it. I use his awesome watchfaces a lot and i am sure i will use it a lot too. Thank you very much Daro.

Daro W says:

Hey guys ☺️
There is a special gift for Samsung phone users ☺️ free coupon for Jeweler Aurora!!! ☺️
What you need to do to receive Jeweler Aurora?
– Buy Jeweler Digital
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Daro W says:

Thank you you Andrew for another great review 😀👍🍻🍻🍻

Lee S says:

Great interactive digital face another great review.

spinx84 says:

Another great design by Dariusz… this time a pure digital ver.. lovely!

generik1981 says:

awesomely digital. I have tons of his watch faces.

Richard Alvarado says:

Love these faces…

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