Save Money On Groceries Without Coupons!

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Save Money On Groceries Without Coupons!

In today’s show, we’ll be discussing easy ways to save money on groceries without using coupons or resorting to just eating beans! I’ll give you some practical tips on how we spend $500 a month on 6 people, including 3 teenagers.

Stop Cutting Coupons and Start Saving!

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Dave’s Favorite Cheeseburger Roll Recipe

My 40 Pounds Of Blueberries!

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How To Save Money On Groceries

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These are the kind of tips in our Groceries On A Dime e-books:

Are Warehouse Stores Wearing Out Your Wallet?

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jewellm61 says:

Tawra, do you like pork rinds? They are low carbs and delicious. If you like hot sauce, they are good on ]ork rinds.

Kelley Jerred says:

got your cook book from library to check it out first b4 I buy it its looking pretty awesome so far

lennie hilt says:

my husband has ceiliac disease so it is not easy to save money even cooking flours are pricey

betty sharp says:

I just wanted to comment on your son's mystery illness. I have been sick for almost a year with the same symptoms that he has. I have spent hours on YouTube trying to figure out what it could be. I was sure that it had to be Lyme disease. It takes test after test to actually get a positive on Lyme disease. They did the test and said I had Epstein Barr…. Aka…. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome….. Anyway, I thought I was going to DIE. Lyme disease is much more prevalent than people realize. There are test for it that are more accurate than others.

studiousgirl71 says:

Do you ship your books out of North America/Canada thanks in advance 😊

Jasmine Hartley says:

ok ok i finally broke down and just ordered the book! lets save some moneyyyy!!

Christine Strauss says:

You could try rationing treats like Chest is and hand them out at your discretion. The food is yours, you share with the family. Of course you don't deny them food but you do have a say in what and how much they eat. One of my nephews has the eating disorder where he's ALWAYS hungry. They literally have to lock up their food, it's not cruel if it keeps them healthy.

Mama Jenn says:

Stupid question- are y'all still having the technical issues? At certain points in the videos I've seen this week, it seems almost like I'm watching a DVD with scratches on it….the video will start skipping but the sound for a few seconds will keep going as normal, then start skipping as well. At first I thought it was my internet but it only seems to happen when I watch your videos.
Either way, great tips! I am a big fan of clearance items, generics, and sales cycles. Our family of 7(no teens, just 3 pre-teens). No special diets. We "could" reasonably spend $3-4/m. but I usually budget $5-700/m. for stockpiling items as I find them on sale/clearance/etc. I still want to get your book,though, because sometimes I do feel I could spend less.
Anyways, sending well wishes from Idaho! 👋 Blessings to you and yours!

Michelle Soomro says:

Store brand cheese crackers are really good. Saltines are not as reliable. I am with Mike about the cherries. I could never fool the kids cause they(fake cheerios not kids),are nasty.

Rosanna Judah-Elliott says:

From what I understand, Generic brands are usually the BRAND company's product, They have contracts with different stores to use their product that is a little less in quality than their QC likes it. So they give it to the store under the "store" brand name.

The Organized Home by Vada says:

We shop at Aldi.

Tonya Walker says:

Where did the fun snow blog go? I didn't get to finish watching it yesterday and now it's gone! :/

Rachelle Enya says:

I got a pound of grassfed beef $2 off regular price + an Ibotta rebate (I think it ended up being under $3?). It made 4 meals for me! I do this all the time, buy clearance or on sale meat, since meat it the most expensive part of my groceries (&coffee cream!). If I know I wont cook it that week, it goes in the freezer when I unpack.

Debbi DeAnna says:

Tawra, I was watching your snow day video (vlog) earlier where you made snow cream and snow cones, but I didn't get to finish it. Now it is gone. What happened? My computer is doing strange things so I'm wondering if the video was taken down or my computer just won't show it again? Thx!

JaimeLee says:

The footage seemed a little off at the end of the show so I couldn't make out exactly what the story was about involving the creature in your yard! Please tell us again! 👍

yxie88 says:

I would love to see a video on your refrigerator and freezer. I love your videos.

ellen fisher says:

I always go to the clearance section in Kroger before doing my regular shopping. Whenever I find large quantities of meat marked down @ a great price, I buy it up & can it. Even hamburger cans well. You can cook it & can it – dehydrate it after cooking, & can it. It re – hydrates really well & is great for camping, survival bags, etc. I even can milk & real butter when I can find it on sale.

Amanda S says:

Hi! I'm interested in the cheese powder for popcorn you mentioned. I don't see the link. ?

pat goff says:

I use coupons but I also buy clearance and when products are in season.

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