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Look at what we found while scanning Walmart Secret Hidden Clearance Deals in our Late Night Walmart Haul. We had never scanned clearance items before using the Walmart app. We tried hunting for Walmart Secret Clearance Deals and you won’t believe what we found in savings. This is so amazing and shocking.

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Yesterday’s Vlog:

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Walmart secret hidden clearance items while shopping and scanning for grocery haul. Phillips FamBam Family Vlogs on YouTube. Family Food and Fun on daily vlogs as a family vlogging channel.


Itsjust Sisters says:

So when you scan it and get up to the register. How does all that work ? Would I show my phone or what please answer

Ayo Fad says:

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Sanyika Eszter says:

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Roaa Osman says:

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Hamayal Tariq says:

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M. Lopez says:

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Jamal Atoloye says:

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Mary Lockhart says:

Yes do more recent scanning please. Thank you

feline Kelly says:

They actually honor what the app says? I dont have the best luck and I love a good deal. I'm very excited!

Ajay 02 Gamming says:

Playsture gift card

Maya Asif says:

Hello what is the app called ? Mine looks different

It’s Katia says:

do walmart iphones

Scarlet Martinez says:

Someone please help! I saw a frozen 2 blanket walmart hidden clearance blanket for 7 dollars. It scanned in my app at 7 dollars, however at the register it rang up at $17!! I ended up leaving it. Do they have to honor the price on the walmart app scanner, or no?

Alex Landolfi says:

U look like junior seau

A Luna says:

Last week I found workout pants marked as 11.00. I scanned & price was 1.00!

Dorothy Nolen says:

Yes it was very help full. I am going to try it👍

Laura Saylor says:

I have found it! I got a Farberwear professional mixer For 75$ and I bought it for $25! A panini maker for $54 down to $19

Mary Rihm says:

We have to remember there are hundreds clearance items coming down each day , With nobody working or workers over worked they can’t get to them all

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