Seattle’s ‘democracy vouchers’ violate free speech

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Seattle resident Mark Elster, with the help of the Pacific Legal Foundation, is fighting a law in the city of Seattle that forces property owners to pay for the political speech of others. In 2015, voters enacted the nation’s first “democracy voucher” program. Every resident in Seattle can receive four $25 vouchers, which can be given to qualifying candidates to spend on elections.
Some in Seattle have called the democracy vouchers “free money.”

But nothing is free. Instead, Seattle is taking money from property owners to fund the political speech of others.

You can learn more about the case here:–elster-3-1509

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Anviod Prime says:

I live in Seattle

smartypantz Number says:

you fools voted for commies and child rapist to run seattle.What do you expect?

Stephen Cutie says:

With all due respect, this video is pro-bribery propaganda. Democracy Vouchers are fully consistent with the 1st Amendment. Our tax dollars get spent on causes we disagree with all the time; the only difference here is these vouchers act as a small counterbalance against the influence of legalized bribery (donations from rich donors, corporate lobbies, and special interest SuperPACs) in our elections.

Harrison Mayes says:

You do realize your tax dollars support things you disagree with all the time this system simply allows money to get to the poloiticians majority of people agree with so even if they don't have rich donors they can still run a campaign

Done 101 says:

Get rid of Patty Murray and much more will amend itself.
Vote no Patty Murray

Wake Up says:

This insane! just like making me pay for your abortion of your birth control give me a break!

Star Dust says:


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