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My first time in this store. They do have SALES!! we love them buy one get one half off . You can find them online . Here is a quick walk through, Sorry I didn’t show the men or kids much. When it’s really crowded I don’t like to bother people who are shopping and looking. Thank you so much for understanding. Have a great day or night. Have a great weekend PLEASE BE SAFE AND BUCKLE UP!


This is a shopping channel, shop with me , look with me. Stores I visit are tj maxx, marshalls, homegoods, Walmart, target, macys, dillards, Home décor is one of my favorites but in the summer it gets so hard. Stores don’t really get new inventory on furniture or décor, Kitchen I love , kitchenware. Discount shopping at Ross dress for less. Shoe walk throughs. Men’s clothing and more. I do not always buy. I know people think because you post on youtube . You need to do hauls. I know people are used to people saying shopping spree, no budget shopping etc.. I am not like that. I do have a budget lol. I am on a debt free , moving journey, If I do buy most likely going to be a facemask or any jeans I find on clearance!! Thanks for joining me on these store adventures. Hopefully this gives you ideas on what you can find. Each store is different .

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Susan Wangui says:

Wow!!do u ever wake up and smile ear to ear to find yu live in america?am so jealous rite now 😏😘

Majdouline Mahroug says:

5:40 😍

Dominique Clayton says:

Nice finds!!!

christa garrett says:

Nice prices!!

Chris English-Russell says:

My Father in law started Shoe Carnival in the 80's in Evansville Indiana.

Anita Johnson says:

Thanks for this. I haven't been here at shoe carnival in a while. I liked what you said about having a budget. I vowed not to shop until clearance, especially end of season. I usually find great deals then. I browse the stores and leave without buying, unless I really NEED the item. This is just really fun watching what you do. So I am with you on keeping a budget. Have a great holiday!

Thelma Knowler says:

Wow TFS‼️

Lisa Cercone says:

I forgot about this store. I may need to go

Christina 🖊📖 says:

We ha e a Shoe Carnival here. I use to hate going because they would have someone on a loudspeaker telling you the deals and then asking you to spin the wheel for a special deal. It was annoying. Who wants to hear over and over, “Socks on sale today.” Especially when the store isn’t too big.

Michele Dunsworth says:

I love shopping at shoe carinvel i bought roxys comfortable plus the jave Bob's

Michelle Thomas says:

Great sales thanks for sharing! Where is Shoe Carnival in the valley I've not heard of it?

symmetricalastic says:

Those flip flops with the glitter look really comfortable and the Skechers and white mountain and Nike

أنتَ وتين قلبي says:

1:21 Wooow
2:13 😍😍😍

Susana Palacios says:

Thanks! I LOVE Skechers! Regards from Argentine.

أنتَ وتين قلبي says:


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