Shop with The Krazy Coupon Lady at Walgreens!

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Close Watch as Heather Wheeler from, takes you along (coupons and all) to Shop at Walgreens! Watch as we roll our Register Rewards and save almost 90%!


Jamie Sauce says:

What state are you in

Shane Gribbon says:

Wow!! Awesome!! I'm ready to get addicted! Newbie here!! 😉 ~YG

cherry bomb says:

I would really hate to be behind her in line.

Beauty_freaks PR says:

How can Oreos be dangerous

nora kate says:

she is very good in maths she should be my math teacher.. 😞😞

Big Mac says:

I wish I could do coupons but takes too long.

Abby Perez says:

Smart way to save money.

DiaryFull ofCurlz says:

honestly where do you get your coupons? do you live in the south?

Sonika says:

did they shut down the whole store because of her making this video. cant see any other customers?!

Shelley Solin says:

At my regular Walgreen's store, on Tuesday is an extra discount for 55+ and AARP members – 20% off any regular priced item as well as having extra unadvertised specials.
And remember you cannot use bonus rewards on the same day you earn them, like on a second transaction. The program ( computerized) does not add them immediately to your account.

Anthony Kott says:

Also, a good thing to remember is that you have to present your Walgreens balance reward card to get their sales prices and this was not mentioned. It gaurantees the lower prices and accumulates points from specific items stated in the circular that you can use like money towards a future purchase.

Anthony Kott says:

Register rewards are not good on "anything in the store". Prescriptions, gift cards, alcohol, health care clinic services and tobacco are a few things ineligible to use a register reward on.

Jay Sulz says:

Thank u very useful

chelseys.bows says:

Dude! That binder is insanely huge!! Lol
Love it!!!

Loolah Hdez says:

This is all I needed to know!! OMG so helpful!! Now I understand why they dont accept dime coupons.. I can grab some cheap filler items and done!! Lol how easy! Thank you so much!

Kelly Smith says:

Most places don't allow customers to do separate transactions as it's against store policy. Was she allowed to do this just for the video? Most couponers have to go to more than one store.

Btw, is she/are you foreign because maybe I'm dreaming but I heard a slight foreign accent?

Tracey VanDusen says:

Those asking about filler items – this is when you have 10 items, but you may have twelve coupons to use.  You need to have at least 12 items, since you can't have more coupons than products.  So she was showing to pick up some small, inexpensive items to allow all the coupons to go through.  I am brand new at this, but I've been studying up and I love these women!  I used the KCL tracking last night and overall I've saved 44% on my purchases!  I recently stocked up on cold meds, due to all the coupons, rebates, etc.  I ended up paying $.50 per item, where normally during cold season I would shell out $7.99 because we needed it.  Planning ahead and being prepared is key!  Thank you KCL!

Tracey VanDusen says:

Cassie, if you go to the Krazy Coupon Lady website, everything is spelled out for you, where to get the coupons.  I get two newspapers a week, plus we get weekly fliers that are delivered and a neighbor usually gives me theirs, so now I usually have (4) of the same coupons. site is amazing and the KCL site will provide links, usually you can only print two, don't copy them, the cashiers check them.

Theresa Bouldin says:

shes great but where I live u gotta get in early or youll get cursed out doing it while theyre busy lol

Deborah Nesheim says:

I'm a cashier at Cub Foods and usually the $ big $3 coupons are from the customer calling the company and complaining about the product or its packaging. You may be able to sign up on their email list. 😉

Cassie Stevens says:

I don't understand where these couponers get $3 off coupons. That's rare… Usually you get 75 cents off TWO items that cost at least 5 dollars anyway… Good for you, though. Glad you have those high priced coupons. 

Marissa Miranda says:

The krazy coupon ladys are so awsome they help me save money and now im using a lot of coupons.

Nizia Harrison says:

What if the coupons I have can only be redeemed at one store only.

princesslamour1985 says:

Very nice. still confusing but I'll try applying this. Thanx!!!

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