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TK & LittleE says:

Can You Please Help Me Out?. I Have The Ibotta App & Everything I Just Need Help Making a Paypal. How Do I Do That?!.

Kelseyandbaby says:

Have you ever been to the website thekrazycouponlady . com ? Back when I used to coupon that was my go to website.

JE5IKA says:

Where do you get the coupons ? Can you leave Links please?

Ashley Hutchison says:

no. you still have to buy the products

FrugalBeauty27 says:

If u complete the tasks and stuff for the products, but u dont buy the product, will u still get the .50 or .25 for doing just the tasks?

Charis Calhoon says:

Since the wipe are flushable you can use them when potty training until they can learn to wipe good

xOxEllyBean says:

love seeing other couponers! 🙂 Ive been doing it for 6 years now and love it! I just had a baby so i wasnt able to get out on time to get the stuff for the ibotta bonuses and now theyre gone! boooo! Good thing is, they come around pretty often! 🙂 Great job girl!!!

Jam Yoshinaga says:

Very bad camera quality! we cant barely see the product!!!

Kassey Blackwell says:

I wan't to do this….but I'm so confused! I need to watch this video again lol

Felicity Ariana says:

Wait, so where do you get these coupons at??? You get the coupons, use them & then us the app???

BeautyGlam78 says:

If you want to make extra cash I suggest Ipoll. I'm not getting sponsored by writing this comment and I'm not spam. You take surveys and you like get $1 – $2 each survey you do, it varies each time. And you can cash out onto your Paypal account. It's a free app in the App Store.

Little Baby Alcantara says:

I don't know if you mentioned, but what store did you shop all of this at?

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