Smart Source 8/17 insert coupon

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MsRolley says:

Thanks Michelle

Ohimemama san says:

Tyfs, Michelle:)

yoda momma says:

Lol @ A&W sauce

sara deroo says:

Walgreens also has them on sale 49 cents next week

Emilee T says:

Yay gonna get a raincheck on the Inkjoy pens =) Tfs!

Irma Juan says:

Thanks for the preview:)

couponsareawesome says:

Those Ink Joy pens are $.99 this week at Rite Aid.

Bad4magik says:

Nutella coupons?! YES! My inner kid is so happy. Lol My kids and I love that stuff!

Svitlana Richardson says:

Rite aid selling Bimbo bread.

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