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J Midu says:

I’m done with couponing. I used up all my ecb’s on food and did no new deals. I’ll use the stockpile for awhile. Not sure if/when I’ll go back.

Rosa says:

Use self check out if ur store has it… 🤷🏽‍♀️

Miriam Snyder says:

What are you doing with your ECBs during this time? I have a ton of ECBs that are going to expire. I don't want to lose out, but I also understand not going out and doing shopping.

Maria Eastham says:

I have been using the self checkout at CVS, (after completely sanitizing it) with no problems. Necessary shopping only for me. The deal will come again. Stay 🏡, stay safe. Thank you for the updates.

Marbella Velasquez says:

From what I heard heb isn't taking any coupons rightnow.. I dont take my kids with me I go alone now to shop since they touch everything and all over the place. Now I'm just not in the mood of even shopping for groceries even if I have to, theres cops here stopping people asking if they have an identification of working and if not they get in trouble.. the curfew is at 10pm abd yet they are telling people what not to do..

Godzilla Carsia says:

B.J.s has gone to all digital coupo s.

Julie Sakioka says:

I work at a grocery store and people have been using cash all day long!!! Why??? Cash is dirty!!! I clean my gloves with the sanitizer between customers. We still take coupons. Las Vegas area

mk eros says:

It makes no sense to not take coupons . Cash is way more dirty then cash. I havent heard of stores not taking cash. That makes no sense. Many people dont have and dont trust bank accounts.

Groovin Granny says:

Remember to sanitize your reusable shopping bags. Virus can live on them for a few days depending on what materials the used to make them. I have been taking my non-perishable items and leaving them sit in the garge for a day or two before bringing them inside.

Vanessa RM says:

If people touch cash, they can touch coupons. There is no good excuse to stop accepting coupons at this time of financial uncertainty.

J!! J!! says:

I just done a digital coupon deal on line, you don’t have to go out. Omgees I started getting anxiety over loosing a coupon??? Our stores are only taking 1 coupon deal now, like really literally only 1 transaction and a Mac of 5 items. I say it’s a good thing?

Damary Diaz says:

My daughter was told Mar 31, Apr 13, and finally Apr 24th. So we go back at the end of April. Let’s keep our finger crossed 🤞🏽.

Melinda Bradshaw says:

We are in S. Ind. and schools have been closed for over 3 weeks. We have been on a stay home only get out for needed things and Tpaper is lacking all over. I do have my supply I will share with some neighbors if that time comes..We are a rural area but we have a Toyota plant here and someone there tested positive. I got out today and went to the grocery store forgot the lettuce and am not getting back out till next Mon. for drs. app. and exray. I am home most of the time. But when you are staying home like this I may go crazy. One thing are expensive cable company did was to give us free Epix and Showtime till the end of April. Cheers to them. With you being so close to NY I figured your schools would already be shut down. I have told other people this you can always duct take the little ones to the wall. I dont have the patience I used to have..

Ali juegos oficial says:

Did you see the target add is only 9 pages? So sad I hope.the deal.on house hold item return soon. I love target 😥😥😥. May everyone stay safe and take precautions when they are out. Blessings

PandaBanter says:

But how is things gonna be back to normal if they’re starting to load trucks full of dead bodies from the virus 😢😢😢 it’s getting worse from here…..

King Cash says:

of course i have a friend at another cvs store and they had to call the police on some people who were coughing on purpose on products and they were arrested and charged for terrorism people nowadays are unbelievable. stay safe friends ❤️

Swiftie Jones says:

Not accepting cash?! Cash has BEEN dirty. Idk why they are just now acting like that crap is tainted.

SaVvy SaVeR DiVa Jackson says:

im in allentown,pa cvs is accepting coupons and so is target

Madeline Gonzalez says:

My liquor store 🍷🍸🍹🍾🥂 told me only credit cards I was like whoaaaa

Born Natural is Living & Cleaning with Disability says:

My CVS in my town is running like regular and taking coupons. I am so thankful and very cautious because my pharmacist do not want me out but I have to get our prescriptions because we have chronic health problems. Money is notorious for carrying germs and I have always washed after touching money. My banker told me that the virus is spread through money, I guess if you touch your face.

Kat Slat says:

I've NEVER thougth that our lives would change as much as it did the past couple of weeks. So scary. Thanks for this video. PLEASE Natalie, stay well and may God be with you and yours and EVERYONE all over the world.

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