Spending 50.000 Coupons Which I Saved For a Year & Pulling Pain! – Naruto Online Mobile

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Naruto Online Mobile
NO Mobile
Pulling Tendo


WhiteFang says:

For the confused browser players : In NOM there are 2 type of ingots
1) Earnable ingots
2) Paid ingots
So basically ingots=coupons

Guaiti says:

Cómo tienes tantos lingotes?

Dustin Hughes says:

How do you play this game

Guizudo ON says:

Lingotes hack? Or you money?

楊華祺 says:

加油 fighting

jenwhel mongalo says:

is this playable on ios? dang ive been waiting lol

John Calvin says:

Even with the mobile game out in China, people still play the browser version a lot?

Eric Major says:

Can you get back to some of the What I Want videos? I’d like to see another Orochimaru or Zabuza (maybe anbu Zabuza?)

Lol Ok says:

A year of work goes away in 11minutes oof

Soukaina Oueslati says:

How to recharge ingots in this game ?

Lol Ok says:

Imagine this on the browser lmao

Jay Ruby says:

Now this is some good content

MoraFenixUchiha Ezequiel Morandini says:

gastaste todo el año pro 1 solo personaje jajaj va 2 con itachi

Daymi says:

can you read Chinese

Toshiro Sin of Sauce says:

I can just feel the anxiety lol

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