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Many stores offer store coupons which can be stacked with a manufacturer coupon. Be sure to read each store’s coupon policy.
My video on how to tell the difference between a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon.


samantha spalding says:

By far, the absolute best explanation of "stacking coupons." Thank you….👍

Gypsy Pants says:

Very helpful!!! Thank you!

CarlasCrafts says:

Hi Michelle! I got some RA Catalina coupons. They're rc48, $4 off of $20. I tried to use it yesterday, I handed it to the cashier first, it applied but when I used the ups, the computer kicked it out. How do u use those coupons?

carmen massanet says:

hello I really liked this video helped me understand more the bar codes and manufacture and store coupons. You seem to know a lot would love to know more. I am a beginner at couponing and would like to get some tips. you can email me at thanks

MsRolley says:

Thank you so much

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