Staples money maker couponing 8/17

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Coupons in ad and in smart source 8/17


Tea With Me Tv says:

Thx.. and thx for the tips and guidance

Katt'z Korner says:

nice…I have them and im going to press my luck and pay just under a 1.00 :}

ydls597 says:

Oh crap. I accedantly hit the dislike button. Oops. You know you're awesome Michelle.

Nichole Turner says:

they would only let me use 1 of the sharpie mqs because it says 1 coupon per transaction per visit.

Heather Espinoza_Baker says:


Kristen says:

no sharpie or pen coupons where I am 🙁

Nelli Olmedo says:

Thank you for sharing. One question. Do i need one staples q for each item or just one staples q for like 3 same items? Thank you.

Lisa Isaacs says:

Michelle your the best. I get so overwhelmed lol.

MissKay30 says:

Thank you for doing this because I was not sure how to coupon at Staples.

MsRolley says:

Thanks Michelle that deal I have to do 🙂

Heriberto perez says:

did they give you trouble about stacking coupons?

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