Stay Organized in the Field: Bug Out Roll Sale

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Michael A Loberg says:

I have the red one for the first aid and a camo for the bug-out/camping gear… tough as nails. Probably bulletproof but I haven't tried that (don't really). Awesome product Canadian Prepper!


Man do I need one of these to keep me organized. 👍👊🤘

Ghostus Coyote says:

Tootsie Roll?

Floesh - says:

Hi from Holland, just ordered the black roll!

Ghostus Coyote says:

Ok I will back this on Kickstarter! With a video like that, how could I not?

Jamie Hitt says:

VIDEO IDEA: What is the first thing we all (many of us) do right after we make a purchase …such as a truck, four-wheeler, Knife, Firearm, …etc. Well, where I'm from, …we customize it, personalize it, and/or modify it!

I'd like to see a customer/viewer inspired video montage of all the things people have done to their Bug Out Rolls. Especially those mods that have been made when a Roll is intended for a very specific usage …or to meet specific standards of professionals. Such as Search and Rescue, Back Country Guides, Law Enforcement, Paramedics, …etc. As well as the average Joe and Jane.

Perhaps a contest as well? We all get to vote …with the results generating our top 5 favorite mods. And CP will pick one. That mod will then become available directly from the factory as an option.

Wow that sounds like a good idea! A-hem, …what I meant to say was, "Does that sound like a good idea?" LOL.

ApolloCipher15 says:

I have one. It's the most well made item I have, well worth the money.

6happydude3 says:

Decided to take the plunge and get one so I'll see how it works for me. Now, where's All-American Prepper?!

Todd Dembsky says:

Just Got Mine — Ordered the special offer one (read the descriptions to see that they come with an extra window and extra pocket panel) and an extra window panel section. Can't wait

TexasScout Noneofyourbusiness says:

These are such a great idea, but even with the conversion to USD and the 10% off, I still can’t justify the price.

Denise Thompson says:

Love my roll! Thanks

Survival Lilly says:

I have used mine yesterday again. I love it so much. After camping I through the BOR into my car and then it becomes my survival kit for the car. Super cool product guys, get one!!

glen1arthur says:

Time to go on Dragons Den …. even if you don’t get a deal the free advertising 🇨🇦🤠

Mr. Webguy says:

Glad to see these rolls are available, I just bought one using your code. Keep up the great work on your channel.

Vito Ciavarelli says:

Thanks for putting this together, I'll be glad to provide an in-depth review once I've recieved and had a chance to use the roll.

Billy Riley says:

Do an American Preppers review of your product. I'm sure it would be entertaining and he would end up liking it.

Government IS Slavery says:

Order placed. Thanks.

Nunya Biznes says:

You always show the BR with optional sections that aren't included in the base system. You should mention that. I was expecting mine to have more sections because that is the way it is always shown. ALWAYS MAKE CLEAR what you get in the base model, other sections being optional.

Garrett Miller says:

How would this work for storing gear for kayak fishing, tackle, just tools & etc. Looking for an unbiased opinion not just trying to lean my to purchase one.

David Flash says:

Join Robinhood and we'll both get a stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint for free. Make sure you use my link.

City Prepping says:

I bet one day you are going to have a super duper website to sell all of these bug out rolls 😉

Bo Knows says:

Really love how everything is rolled out so nice and neat everything has its place.

DropForgedSurvival says:

100% no BS… The Bug Out Roll is My True Blue Survival Gear Organizer. It makes so much sense and the even weight Distribution inside my pack really makes hikes and training far more simple and manageable. Final thought.. Not having to fiddle around between pockets looking for my gear and just hang it/ identify tool/ and work. in seconds… It satisfies my OCD and Quality needs.

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