Stop And Shop Cashier Instructional Video

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Short Film made by Framingham State University Students to depict things a cashier should and shouldn’t do on the job.


Miyaaaaaaaaaa says:

Day 4 training as a cashier . It gets easier . I’m still learning

Debbie says:

I think the guy in the blue jacket was a little too interested lol

Patrick Lange says:

Why do we still have checkers if there are self-checkout lines?

jay gee says:

Oh man this girl is super cute

John Pierce says:

since when do checkers wave at u lol

Green Machine says:

Chairs should be provided to cashiers to sit while doing their shop. They shouldn't have to stand all day.

The Philosopher says:

Not Anna Sophia Robb working at Stop and shop

Kathy Akers says:

dumbest video ever

Scotty Hoo says:

Way to go BOB!

Chloe says:

So nervous my first day is on Tuesday

Victoria Hope says:

I have taken college courses in business finance, made summa cum laude on my degree and I still got scammed so many times at the register. So thankful for a front end manager who was coordinating with the back room prep departments decided to put me in cut produce instead. I can make those fresh cut fruits and vegetables people love, I can use knives, and I get to use my wireless earbud to listen to Music or podcasts while I work. Much less stressful and far more rewarding to make product instead of ringing up people's items. I feel bad for cashiers now…. I was going to quit three weeks in but that front end manager saved me from quitting and helped out a department that needed a quality worker.

sape says:

why do companies always make the worst most amateur video's ever?

Pewpew Kitten says:

Im applying yo be a cashier so this was pretty good to know

SCB TV says:

4:05 probably some of the worst acting I’ve seen yet lol 😂 but it’s so bad it’s entertaining and funny 🤣

Nick Anastasatos says:

Shoprite gang FTW

Ryan Kalata says:

Surprised to see that this store still has a citizens bank. Over by me all citizens banks in stop and shop stores eventually became people’s United banks.

Ryan Kalata says:

When I worked in a grocery store I never rang. I only packed out doing grocery diary and frozen. I also unloaded trucks and made bales when needed. I still work as one of the vendors that packs out in grocery stores. I live on Long Island in New York so Stop and Shop is one of our biggest chains on our island.

Fight2thedeath12 says:

Damn I ant apply there I only wear sweatpants since I’m big and feel uncomfortable in jeans

Appalachian Dipper says:

i put in my application june 3rd at my local store and my man said he aint hiring rn hes gonna start hiring when 2 of the stockers quit which should be around anyday now cause they going to college soon so its been 3months and still waiting yall wish me luck i really need this job

D P says:

1:26 You murdered my eardrums.

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