Sunday Coupon Preview is HOT THIS WEEK 11/5/17!

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Sunday Coupon Preview for the week of 11/5/17. You guys know I usually shop with digital coupons but this sunday coupon preview is pretty good. Ill defiantly be ordering inserts this week.If you get your coupons early there are going to be AMAZING deals. If you do not get your Sunday coupons early there will still be great deals next week 11/5. I got this preview from


Vera Abel says:

I agree about the smoke detector battery. Could never finish watching any of your video because of the sound.

icy blu 88 says:

Thanks for the insert preview Christa and for going over some deals. Can’t wait for those good coupons, I’m definitely getting inserts this weekend!
Also, I think the live streams are fun and helpful. And the haul videos are always fun to watch and to learn from.
Keep up the good work girly!

👻 🎃 Have a Happy Halloween 🎃 👻

Doris Stevens says:

I think I saw her on a video a few weeks. And she said she was better.

Young Contrarian says:

Klip2save .com starts shipping next Sunday's RP and P&G coupons on Wednesday morning, SS isn't available until Saturday.

They don't do whole inserts just preclipped Qs (which I prefer), flat rate $1 shipping, if you order before 2pm it mails out that day. Super fast!!

Im in Tennessee (Im right by Pigeon Forge actually, I heard you mention you used to live there in another video 😀) they're in Florida and I get my Qs in 2 days. i.e. Order on Monday morning, receive on Wednesday.

However only downside to klip2save is the AMAZING Qs sell out in less than an hour usually so you have to be early. They restock every couple days though.

D Lawhorne says:

Please please change your smoke detector battery! Lol. I can't watch your videos cause my dog is deathly afraid of that sound and shakes like crazy when he hears it lmao.

coupon queen says:

your spreadsheet above says 7/4/17 for rite-aid when you open it.

amie brown says:

I can never comment while ur live, why!???

amie brown says:

I get my inserts on Friday, as long as I order wednesday

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