Sunday Coupons

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Every Sunday I try to clip coupons that I need so I can use them during my weekly shopping trips.

BJs take coupons along with their store coupons.

Sams Club and Costco does not accept coupons…only their store coupons.

Check out these sites:

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Simpli Keii & Fam says:

you reminded me I need to get back into clipping my coupons

lowalker01 says:

I'm going to Red Plum online to print some coupons. I didn't know they were available online. My coupons have started coming in the mail too. I stopped getting the Sunday paper when they started coming in the mail. I don't use Suave either. I love couponing! TFS

Folaurasha Jerry says:

awesome video

Folaurasha Jerry says:

do u have any for paper/plastic plates, cups,plastic ware that you're not needing?

Creativeflaviagro says:

Very nice thank u for sharing I will check out I need to save too thumbs up beautiful

S_Hutchinson says:

I need to get back on my coupon game. I learned something new over here people pay for coupons, I had no idea that such a thing took place. Whenever you can no rush can you give a update on the plug in because I'm here paying like $5 for one pack at walmart so I'm wondering if the dollar tree ones hold up as well or close enough to it .

Sandra's haul's says:

Love coupons !!! Tyfs

colorfulmind 1 says:

Yes hun savings we need it T4S

Carol Johnson says:

Gotta love coupons!!!👍

Pj Danita says:

Believe me I've noticed how expensive things are getting! Happy couponing!

Midlife Madness says:

I am not very good at clipping coupons. I try and when I do I am so happy with myself.

Organized Mommy says:

It's great you get some in the mail. Sunday papers are getting so high I stopped buying them. I was spending more on coupons than I was saving.

Philip Gipson says:

Epic coupons, my friend!

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