SUPER Easy Dollar General Scenarios For Saturday 9/16 – All Digital Coupons – SUPER NEWBIE FRIENDLY

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Christine Manter says:

Can I ask u a question? Can i use digital coupons and paper ones on the same product?

Mary Jane says:

Any breakdown for today?

A'nnamaria Davis says:

Thank You so much !! Went on Sat DG used your deal # 7 it work out Great !! Out of pocket spent $12.75 felt so good walking out the store, I have a $5 off $30 only on gain product expire on 9/23/17 can you help me out on that. Again Thank You so much that was my very first time using coupon, and also new to your channel Thanks a bunch for all your help, lol I really need those paper products on that sat deal, got my mom. & sister on the deal on sat now they also have the DG app on there phone, Again Thank You A'nna😀😅😀😅

2MGCA says:

Thank you for the time and effort that you have put into your video. As a first timer it was simple and easy, I enjoyed and saved money. Thanks

Sandra Rodriguez says:

thank you so much for all the scenarios you are awesome

Linda Patrick says:

Thanks Greg…Amazing again. I did #7 deal and #3 deal and it worked great. Keep up the good work!

sleoner16 says:

Thanks Greg! I think I found out why some people's Q's are not being used. If u pick a Gain scent that's not original scent, then the Q won't go thru, even though the Q matches the quantity and/or size. So unless ur DG has a sign that says a specific scent has a DG Q u can use, don't get it. Choose the original scent instead.
I got the Flings 26ct or larger in Moonlight scent for $8.45, but the $3 digi Q did not go thru. And my Freshwater scent (40 oz.) laundry detergent's Q went thru. That's bc there was a tag that said the scent had a digi Q available.
Did anyone else see this pattern on their receipt?

glory del valle says:

Thank you for your video I did the deal and got the 5 of 25 and 5 of 30 gain transaction

Crystal Bradley says:

Greg you are doing the damn thing. I found you on instragram last week. I am a newbie to your channel.

Vanessa Z says:

My DG is tripping! Went yesterday to use my 2 off of 10 and the system was down. Ugh!

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