SUPER Easy Dollar General Scenarios For Saturday 9/2 – All Digital Coupons – SUPER NEWBIE FRIENDLY

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Easy AWESOME SUPER NEWBIE FREINDLY DEAL . Anyone can do this deal. Using all digital coupons

Written Breakdown & Other Scenarios:

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Jennifer Garcia says:

so… say i have  a purchase of  $25 worth of product after discounts are applied. and the promotion going on is $5.00 off of $25.00 AND $2.00 off of 10.00. do i get both of those applied onto my purchase that day or do i have to split my transaction for both of them to apply.

Susan Abushaban says:

Wow your great with your paper doc with breakdowns and pics thanks really helps

o2c757 says:

Thank you for the video. I just did my very first haul! Smooth transaction

Megan Scheriger says:

can I use tomorrow Sunday?

Travasha Florence says:

Thank you so much! That was an awesome video! You're so thorough!!!

April Felton says:

The all digital,gain scenario worked like a charm👌 thank you

Pami Atkinson says:

Great job on the digital coupon shopping haul and thanks too because newspaper coupons have been slim to none for me to find and get my hands on these days, which is quite upsetting, so any and all digital coupon breakdowns are very appreciated so thanks again… Hope u have a good week.

rolin felix says:

Thanks Greg. I just did this transaction.

lashone campbell says:

Thanks Greg. My transactions went smoothly.

Ana Fernandez says:

does this only work for Saturday

marilyn tipton says:

On sale at 7pm on Friday?? Sale starts on thst Saturday right??

Mikkie Clements says:

Thank you Greg!

mary isabell says:

Thanks Greg 😀It's nice to have another MAN couponer / teacher . I just found your site and subscribed 👍

Sandy Tarnowski says:

Awesome! Thank you.

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