SURPRISE! Another Dollar Tree Coupon Haul | 10 Items for $5.75 ! | February 11, 2020

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What’s Up & Welcome To Another Video

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Here Are All The Sources I Go To :
Sunday Newspaper Coupon Inserts
Email Companies That Send Coupons Through The Mail
Printable Coupons Available On Websites

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*******PLEASE READ**********
Any Rude or Negative Comments Will Go Unanswered By Me , I Do Not Encourage Anyone At All To Use Coupons Wrong.
Call Or Speak to Management and Let Them Know Before You Coupon Regularly at their store to avoid any Problems both In and Outside Of The Store. I As A Fellow Couponer Advise any other Couponer to review all your coupons and even join Groups On Facebook for Dollar Tree Couponing those help A Lot. It is a FACT you can use a good amount of coupons we get both in Sunday’s Papers and Online, So review and do research. For Any Dollar Tree Employee’s please take into account some of us couponers do take time out of our days to plan accordingly so it is only fair that we are able to use all and any correct coupons toward Our Purchases and If We Decide to not Purchase certain items during the transaction, Please Do Not Place Us In a Tight Spot where you are basically telling us we HAVE to purchase because you do not want or wish to Void out the transaction. Thank You.


Valerie Searcy says:

Dollar tree changed its Ip coupons policy? I thought only 2 were allowed

EvanTheArcader says:

Summers eve beeps cause it doesn’t qualify

IamK.Renae' says:

You did GREAT. My last Dollar Tree coupon Haul the employee embarrassed me in front of the whole store. Havent been back that was 2wks ago smh

Maria Herrera says:

I coupon at the dollar tree and you can use the tylon coupon there and it doesn’t beep it goes thru perfectly fine

Sway to the 99 says:

Wow you did good! And they applied the coupons this time! 🌈🙌🏽

Moreno Moms says:

Good to see a good number of coupons work for you this time!

Lupe Perez says:

Tylenol coupon worked for me no beep

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