Tanki online-How To Get Free Promo Codes!!!

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Here is the russian Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tZ0HHJVEVw
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Mr.Scarce says:

HH Frist 😀

Robert Lewandowski says:

Dislike.. FUCK YOU…

MikeReactzHD says:

Can you give me a promo code?

Катя Гришина says:


Abdirisaq Hashi says:

Wow it doesn't even work

Yannox Gaming says:

its incorrect :/

rida rida says:

4st commenter xD

ali akbar says:

wut is the code?

Stanislav Gologan says:

not working >:C DISLIKE!!!!

USMC Tank says:

wow u use the software ACTION! too nice

NiGHTM4RE - TO says:

If I go on that Livestream and put one of that codes into tanki, can I get stuff to? Or is it only the first person who use it that can get stuff?

Louis Panajotovic says:

Stop,making that annoying sound with ur teeth

Nick Nick says:

give me code pls pro pls

I AM BEST FOR 1V1 says:

che che che che che che che

PRO Gamer {Tanki} says:

Nice Video!!
Btw plz Subscribe My YouTube Channel..!

I Oufa says:

TNK00-00000-002CW-8IGSN-T9RRO code

Bossul601 says:

u can use it after 2 min? or top 15 players…

Flamin Skulls says:

if a promo code is released can everyone use it or only one person? because if it's one person that sucks

Gartyn TO - Road To 2K says:

Fabulous Vid=)

sebastian bogar says:

please help me geo one

SirDead says:

2:47 You have to be fast to get it

claudiu101 productions says:

i typed that and it ws incorrect

Brusi Disha says:

how to get fast promo codes

Amininano - Road To 10K says:

Like & Sub

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