TARGET ALL FREE WITH COUPONS-TARGET Gift Card with purchase-You guys are going to love this deal.

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Hi guys. TARGET ALL FREE WITH COUPONS AND GIFT CARDS FROM PURCHASE. You guys are going to love this target deal. I purchased 4 vaseline lotions and used 4 paper coupons. 1 coupon per item. I got back a $5 gift card after that transaction.
I rolled that gift card over to purchase my next items. 4 TRESemme’ and I used 2 paper coupons and got back another $5 gift card.
I rolled that gift card over to my final purchase of 4 TRESemme’ I got back another $5 gift card after that purchase.

Target has some great couponing deals this week. You guys are going to love this deal. You get a $5 target gift card with the purchase of 4 items.

Free Vaseline at target and free TRESemme’ at target.

Thank you for watching Tink TV😍😍



Teanna Bennett says:

I Work At Target And 2 Ladies Did This And I Was So Happy Because Each Transaction Was $1.04 And Everybody In The Line Was So Mad And I Kindly Pushed Through Every Coupon That Beeped.

Lovely Moala says:

I did this and was so happy. My target and my coupons dont seem to work together. I need to figure something out.

Dynamic Designs says:

you should use fetch also πŸ˜€

A Brown says:

Great Video!! Can we mix and match for the gift card if the cashier won't allow multiple manufacturer coupons?

Jeanne 1 says:

That’s the same deals I did yesterday ❀️

Kari Dodson says:

Your too cute. A dollar seventy cent. Too cute!!! Love thesr deals!! Thank you!

Ms Wilson says:

Hey its my first time TARGET shoppin Did u get your full coupon value? Mine only took 1.47 not $2 with the vaseline making my total $5 plus tax instead of $3.96 my store has them 2.99 each. The guest service gave me the difference but has anybody noticed?

Debbie Savings says:

You did awesome! πŸ™ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ I’m so happy you got such great deals! πŸ‘ Wish you hadn’t had the hiccups, but we have to deal with those sometimes, don’t we? Worth it in the end! πŸ™ŒπŸ˜β€οΈ

Ciarra Dorsey says:

thank you for sharing this great deal, i'm definitely going to try this today

Jessika Rey says:

Now seeing ur target deal wow awesome deals love ur channel right to the point 😘😘

Imso Frugal says:

Oh and I have just subscribed to your channel.

Imso Frugal says:

I love it when a plan comes together!!! I hope that my coupons come in before Friday so that I can do these 2 deals! I didn’t get the Tresemme nor Vaseline coupons in my area and had to resort to purchasing them from someone. I also plan to do this at CVS too, buy 3 get back $5 ecb.

Sherry Lucas says:

Tink. You are on FIRE !!! I hope you haven't given away the Crock-Pot I am waiting. Lol

Leann Wade says:

You are on a roll! πŸ’— Great job!πŸ’—

Sweet Warrior says:

Awesome!! & scan your TRESemme on fetch ❀

Victoria Ramirez says:

Ausome deal I did the tresseme at Walgreens they had it for 499 and then they also have 399 bottles got overage on the less expensive same size as the 499 that was a great coupon here u get $5

Marianna Ryan says:

The Vaseline coupon has a limit of 2 per transaction, how did you use 4?


Gurrl…you are gonna make me spend all my money πŸ’° following you around doing all these deals πŸ˜‚.

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