Target & GNC Shopping – Weekly Coupon Deals (10/27/13-11/2/13)

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Come deal shopping with me using the best newspaper and printable coupons of the week! I’ll highlight the best coupon deals and show you how to save using coupons! Stay tuned for the best coupon deals, including rare coupons, buy one get one free deals (bogo), top Sunday newspaper coupons and the hottest printable coupons for the week!

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Candy Eberhart says:

teach me your ways!

Samantha Cabral says:

Be careful with the oxyelite, it has been linked to liver failure!

Marrie Crocker says:

Thanks for all your tips. Today I shopped at walmart
26 Cans of Campbell Homestyle soup, 2 cans green giant cream corn, 1 can Iams dog food,1 jar vlasic stacker pickles, 2 velveeta skillet meals and 1- 6 oz box Uncle Ben's wild rice and a mans Shirt originally tagged $12.99 and clearanced @ $7 All this food and the men's shirt for only $2.00

Allyssa Rasmussen says:

I was able to price match the my little pony set and picked it up for my niece for only $8.11

The Love Family says:

Love your videos!!! I get so excited. About couponing after I watch your videos, I need to coupon I have four kids and everything is expensive! Thanks so much for all your tips and advice! ;0)

Mrsblessed101 says:

Yiks I paid 36.00 for a costume this year and the customer service at Party City was not good!! I will look for this type of deal next year!!!

ChiTownBearCub2387 says:

What mobile app do you use? I tried using snip snap coupon app and the app told me target doesn't accept those.

bmschenk616 says:

Hey everyone me and my wife do huge cvs and couponing haul.if u wanna save alot of money check us out Bmschenk616

Michelle Lynn says:

Love the cartwheel app. I got a furby boom for 29.50 this week! Putting it away for Christmas.

effinfool says:

Lol loved this

Kate's Place says:

Ahhh… me a deal

SillyMando2008 says:

I will have to pick up some of that pasta sauce

jen123317 says:

haha my kidss go krazy when I try to record I have to stop and say what you said QUIET ON THE SET!! LOL

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