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Ever since the credit crunch, the UK has fallen in love with coupons. No longer do we suffer any embarrassment at fishing out that piece of printed paper from our handbag when we sit down at the restaurant table – quite the opposite. Everyone loves a bargain.

Little wonder then that the internet is awash with voucher sites – all claiming to offer exclusive discounts at thousands of popular shops and restaurants. Sorting out the wheat from the chaff can be a pretty difficult job, which is why we at the Goss have picked seven of the best.

First on the list is This is probably the most comprehensive, reliable and well-organised of the lot. They list the Top 20 codes each day, colour code their offers so you can see what sort of shops they are for and offer real exclusive offers. It’s easy to navigate, and thankfully free of irritating ads.

Next up is When it launched, people went completely crazy for Groupon, but these days it’s gone down in our estimations. They seem to have a lot of very similar offers – mostly for beauty treatments – and they often aren’t nationwide which can get frustrating. KGB Deals works just like Groupon, but we think the offers they have are much better. There’s a good variety too – from restaurant vouchers to bargain boutique hotel stays, and a whole section of pretty decent national deals too – so no-one feels like they’re missing out. You do have to sign up to get your hands on the deals, which means they email you – but just once a day which isn’t as bad as some other sites.

Third on our list is which is quite different to some of the others out there. It’s essentially a forum where users post deals they’ve found. Users rate the deals so that the most popular shoot to the top of the list. The only downside is it’s pretty hard work sifting through all the deals as you can’t organise them by type – so it does require some patience. has probably the biggest list of vouchers of all. The choice is almost unlimited and the deals are well-organised. It does unfortunately have rather too many ads for our liking, and be wary of their claims to ‘exclusive offers’ – you’ll often find they are available to everyone. is another well organised site with a good selection of offers. One of the things we like about it is their very active community. If you’re looking for something specific, post on their forum and you’re guaranteed to get a response. Plus, people share when they find other good deals the site hasn’t mentioned.

Another good one is which enables you to search for promotional offers at leading supermarkets like Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Morrison’s, and Waitrose. It’s free to use if the saving is under £1, but members who pay £5.20 a year can view all the offers and receive email alerts about products or brands that particularly interest them.

Cashback sites are another way to go. They give you money back each time you make a purchase through the site. Our favourite is, which is the world’s first cashback co-operative, according to founders Paul and Jen Nikkel. You get 100% of the referral commissions when you click on any of the 1200 major retailers on the site. There’s an annual admin fee of £5 and the money you earn is credited directly back into your bank or Paypal account. Those who use the site are incredibly enthusiastic, saying you can literally earn back hundreds of pounds a year.

But if you’re still looking for a bargain why not check out theGoss shop, which is open and ready for business.


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