The 7 Best Grocery Coupon Apps

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If you’re looking to save money on your groceries, download these 7 free coupon apps to start saving!
Krazy Coupon Lady, Ibotta, Snap, Key Ring, Shrink, Saving Star and Shopmium are the top seven grocery apps for 2015!


M. Le says:

Now it's $20 minimum

Chartistic says:

This rebate app is the best ! Earn $10 jst for signing up . 🙂 get paid thru paypal.

sona george says:

Use my referral code 7ry5g while signing up for the Ibotta app and you can become a team member of the biggest team in Ibotta community which will help you get the biggest bonuses !!!!

Angel Ching says:

My country has none of these apps

Lady T aka ValleyGirl says:

The Shrink App closed as of 11/30/16 maybe update the viewers

Steeve Larouche says:

Es ce qu ont peu avoir ça en français ?

Kathy DeJesus says:

also try mobisave app.

Marjorie Castillo says:

I'm going to trying 😿

Ytzaak Gbane says:

I can't find shrink

2JobsStillPoorUSA says:

HALF OF THESE AREN'T COMPATABLE WITH MY PHONE. Could you please update with new info. Thanks

Winnie The Pooh says:

The Flipp app
Is pretty good

Carl Wadsworth says:

I looked for the app called shrink and I can't seem to find it on my android

Malissa Smithe says:

You cannot cash out until you reach $20 with Ibotta now.

swiperboy sb says:

tooo bad my parents shop at aldi and most of these apps dont apply

Ernie Brooks says:

I made $2.25 yesterday by going to buy food at Walmart because I downloaded and used a wonderfully easy app. called Ibotta. You can select from various stores and choose from a list of items you plan to purchase. After buying them, even later at home, you can scan the barcodes of the products and then scan the receipt and make money in cash back. The $2.25 I made was on five items. If you are interested, consider downloading the app. Ibotta and enter in the referral code, with lowercase letter, lpueovj

Fanny wong says:

Can you do an updated Rebate Apps?

Live Love Learn says:

I adore this app it helps me so much! Thank you guys!

BlueEyedKrypto920 says:

Shrink app doesn't come up in my App Store

Shirley Lancaster says:

Thanks but why am I asked to buy these apps on my phone?

Alexis Bongo says:

what is a rebate?

BoldFuturesAcademy says:

As a recent immigrant to USA, most of these apps are useless for my family's way of life. All these apps, as well as extreme couponing are mainly good for dependents of the early pilgrims. Ibotta seems to be a good app for a drunkard! Checkout 51 and the rest are all good for brand name stuff that we rarely use. The only good thing that I see is the Walmart Savings Catcher.
By being non alcoholic, non smoking as well as minimizing intake of processed food and buying store brands ( Costco or Sam's club/Walmart) can save a lot!
Furthermore, relying on Indian and Asian supermarkets for groceries, fresh produced, fish, poultry saves more money than combining all the rebates from these apps plus couponing.

An average Indian or a Chinese family in USA, saves more money than these "coupon experts" by relying on the above pointers.

Maureen L says:

the ibota app messed up two of my phone's I like check out 51 better. Ibotta won't give rebates on Harvey's grocery store buys but check out 51 will

melanie flair says:

i found this app yesterday and wow i just love it. i found kindle fires on sale for 28$ among lots and lots of other things. so happy to have found your app you are great

melanie flair says:

i found this app yesterday and wow i just love it. i found kindle fires on sale for 28$ among lots and lots of other things. so happy to have found your app you are great

Christine #7 says:

can that be used in the Philippines

GnosisMediaGroup says:

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