The Complex Story Behind Oreo O's Cereal

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Oreo O’s cereal is back in stores after a 10 year absence. The circumstances surrounding that sentence are more complex than you may think. This video explains how the cereal originated, why it left, and how it was able to make a return.


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Xiao-Fury: The Channel says:

OreO's were good, but it made my belly sooo upset.

kristy's laziness says:

friday the thirteenth was yesterday

Keen Bean says:

This is my favorite cereal. I've always loved chocolate. When I was a kid I loved when chocolate from cereal came off and made chocolate milk but over time my tastes changed and I didn't like that because it made the cereal itself bland to eat after the first few bites. What I mean is that there was no difference in taste between the chocolate in the cereal and the chocolate in the milk and I went a long time without liking chocolate cereal because of that. When I found Oreo O's they became my favorite because there was a distinction between a strong chocolate taste in the cereal and the taste of the milk. I don't know if I explained this well enough but I guess it boils down to this is my favorite cereal because it doesn't turn the milk into chocolate milk and make the whole thing one homogenous taste.

Kaleb Ringler says:

So much better with marshmallows

AI Totem says:


The best by date was 06/03/2017 because it was using old cereal made with the same recipe but under the other name.

scoot7091 says:

Remember the black turds you would make after eating half a box

Willow 木 says:

I'm eating Oreo O's rn

FDNY101202 says:

It was fantastic, don't think I've had the rereleased stuff

Dragon-Like -Tendencies says:

What if it was sold in other countries during the ten year gap or before the states got them and he just got it from a third party? Then it is more likely they just sent them a box not thinking twice, and the expiration date wouldn’t be as limited.

I am Lilly says:

Its weird that no one could find the cereal, my mom gets ore-os from a local store around my house

Twire says:

Cereal straight outa the box

The Red Protogen says:

Fun fact when i was watching a video called “Foods that discontinued” and when i saw one on my grocery i was surprised

XSevenSonata says:

I've always hated the cereals of cookies. They taste very artificial to me and nothing like a cookie. Because they're not, they're cereal. I think if companies literally made very tiny cookies and packaged it as cereal, I would probably prefer it. So far, I admit the nutter butter one is okay. I haven't tried the oreo o's with the marshmallows in the past, or, the new production. But, I never liked the old production. I haven't tried the golden oreo o's. Although I do prefer golden oreos over the chocolate oreos. The chocolate oreos are better with milk because they seem dry and bland without it.

Rob Nelms says:

You can't have cookies for breakfast. Also, promoting sugar to kids, which cookies basically is why we eat cookies, is EVIL!

coolm0mkaren says:

i wonder where da gurl wit da booty is now

Trenton Animations says:

I do enjoy the cereal and not because of nostalgia because I never knew it existed until it's re-release. It's a very good cereal and i give it 9.5/10.

Professional Bandit says:

It’s my favorite because it stays crunchy even after being in milk

Heather2028 says:

OOOOO I know this cereal!

Se Cret says:

I was so excited to see it again! I bought it for nostalgia 😁
I love your videos 😉Thanks for sharing !

celina c says:

Do a video on mondelez you’d be surprised what they make and own rights to like halls maynards kraft dinner 🥘

Blackout Lol says:

Man those all look amazing sucks that where I live ( Australia ) I can only find like one maybe two Oreo products that aren’t just normal Oreos.

Al Cali says:

Do you have any idea why Kraft became Mondelez International? I loved the Kraft Brand but I don’t know why they change their name.

Mike Esp says:

I was expecting actual mini oreo's

Candy pop says:

When I went to South Korea in 2019, I stayed on Lotte hotel (it is a very good hotel, I recommend it). It is a Lotte mall and a hotel (it also has toy's r us and you could find high quality toy's there, including BTS dolls. ARMYS assemble). So, I went to Lotte mart in the Lotte mall in the hotel and guess what I found. Oreo o's. We wanted to buy it but we didn't.😭 (and also speaking of it, in my country in 2016, I found Oreo o's in a store.)

Matt says:

I was pretty sad when they discontinued this but I have not eaten it ever since they re-released it.

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