The truth about Extreme Couponing

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Coupons used on the Extreme Couponing show are counterfeit, fake, and TLC says no comment. Want to know how people got great deals on the show? There was a huge counterfeit coupon ring selling coupons online and the same coupons were used on the TV show.


Earo16 says:

this is really well edited

david fornesa says:

joel is gay

ShiLo D. says:

Ok legally if I buy 2 10oz tide liquid laundry soaps and get one free in store coupon. And I want to return em . Do I have to give the free one back?? I mean I technically bought it, right…

ShiLo D. says:

Bunch of haters tho right.

ShiLo D. says:

With their knowledge how is that??

ShiLo D. says:

I know it's illegal to sell coupons.

ShiLo D. says:

What does fake coupon mean? Gay

xfga says:

I just a show lmao

MindSparkInTn says:

The laundry detergent couponer is a “ministry student”. 🤦‍♂️ smh

Moon Pie says:

I was a Supermarket manager in the midwest for 10 years. I watched the show a couple times and don't get it. No store I knew or know of would allow many things I saw. Like actually giving money back after an item is gotten of free. That's insane. Stores have limitations on multiple items etc.
I have no house in this race so i don't really care except that I find it unbelievable. But "reality" TV is not reality.

Angel Atilano says:

I knew these extreme couponing was to good to be true

Emily Gross says:

I use http://www.capriscoupons.  She has the biggest variety and great pricing.  She gets many papers from around the country.  Nothing is "fake" or counterfit.

Goldstein Rae says:

lol how funny

Bethany Wright says:

This is so sad, because that Chris guy is supposedly a preacher.

Shell Shock says:

1:28 if u watch the show in that Part that's joel

ct inblack says:

crazy asf like why.

lisa martin says:

Is it illegal to sell coupons from the newspaper to other people? I have seen people sell coupons . I thought how can that be true??? Let alone legal !!

Alicia Sanchez says:

I want to learn how to.use coupons

Timelessmusic Familymusic says:

I use to be a coupon junkie. But, not anymore. It's time consuming, actually buying things you normally wouldn't buy. Eating more stuff that isn't good for you. Then buying extra medicine cause you stomach aches cause you ate too much. I was buying different brands of detergent, because of a coupon & some detergent like Tide actually gave me a rash. Now, I got to buy medication for my rash. The list goes on & on. 😫

Tee Bee says:

I knew that extreme couponing was too good to be true. Nothing is free & these extreme couponers never mention the number of newspapers they buy, the cost to go from store to store & more importantly all the time they spend trying to get deals.

You could work a part-time job & walk away with the same deal they do without having to coupon becuase this is how much time they spend clipping, researching, adding & mapping out where to go & what to get. Plus, they spend a lot of money having to store all of this crap that they have several items of.

raro putali sato putali says:

manufacturing giants and stores rob people all the time. how gives the shit if the have to shade little penny fuck them

20believer10 says:

3:08-"You realize that that's breaking the law". lol Duh! Of course they know it's breaking the law. What kind of idiot news comment is that?

Dan Ryno says:

this is just another fake reality show like all the rest

Laura Gadille says:

I knew that show was fake

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