Tom Leykis deals with a know-it-all woman – The Tom Leykis Show

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Lionel Hutz says:

It's funny how these women cling to their "education" like a life raft in a storm, like it's supposed to be some trump card that'll put us in our place. Most men don't give a flying fuck how educated a woman is, so you have a p.hd so what? e.g. "I'm a strong, educated and independent woman! If men are intimidated by me that's their problem" lol yeah we're intimidated by a obviously insecure person who uses their "education" and income as a reason why guys are turned off by them and not their poor attitude and obnoxious behaviour. Get over yourselves.

Matt Hudson says:

This dialogue was hilarious

The Barbermeister says:

She's a piggy piggy

The Don Of BGF Mako Flatty says:

Just awesome!!


women only have self love Narcissistic ingrowing personality's not ingrowing Toe Nails. An ingrowing Toe Nail a Doctor can deal with ingrowing Narcissistic Personality Disorder no one can repair! lol!


Very telling statement she made there? Got a 10 year old Daughter and has been married 10 years? Hum! she ain't so squeaky clean as she makes out! lol!


I got so sick of it all that I became MGTOW, let myself go just enough to put the women off and have a great life on my own, NOT lonely, plenty of great shit to do and hobbies, my own money to spend on ME, no debt's or commitments. Fuck what more can a MAN want once you shake the power of the Pussy Myth. All women have is a PUSSY they have nothing else to offer and they entrap guy's between their lips with the PUSSY POWER. Guy's there is a whole world out there beyond the PUSSY, what about learning to "Masturbate"? Great fun, great feeling. cost nothing, and you can get on with life after a few minutes with the genuine knowledge that "Yes that was GOOD FOR ME" instead of having to appease some legalized WHORE! lol! you do know when you finish intercourse with a woman that is just the start not the end don't you? Yeh! Cracking one off is a great substitute for "Pain and misery"! lol!


Huh! used car is an understatement, most whores out there are EX RENTAL level if you see my point! lol! has had more strangers inside it before it come to your turn, and you only ride it because it is an emergency! The bodywork is fucked and the big ends are well on their way out, the springs sag and the mileage is 3 times round the clock but they claim it is only just run in! OPh! and the pussy is so flappy it's sounds like a blown muffler/exhaust. come to think of it it looks like one as well!


This woman sums up why MEN hate or don't give a shit for women with you notice a small "w".

Zorn Casteel says:

I understand what Tom was saying, here … It's not that 'males are superior' – It's males shouldn't keep treating females as though THEY're superior.
But they (males) are … more than ever. Especially at a workplace.

cervix Muse says:

vagina is all u have to offer…no man will ever care about ur education lady

gee el says:

Im blAck with an education money and a “dig bick” lol !!! Still wouldnt have anything to do with this jack mouth tramp !!! shes married and on here wanting tom live on air wow! Hey high school graduate hubby your wifes a whore get out now go Mgtow

Feminist Ate My gf says:

Fucking slop hog stallion.

Feminist Ate My gf says:

See how he talks to her? He tickles or stimulates her intellectual bullshit? Her pussy was leaking, and he could have had her if he wanted, or if she permitted. Fucking slut.

Feminist Ate My gf says:

Thots throw themselves on people that have money power and fame. Bitches will even fuck you if your girlfriend is hot.

Jack McNamara says:

If i found a way to get my wallet wet without ruining the money id consider it

destiny's remorse says:

yet and still another homely fat chick who tries to shame tom but fails miserably!

TheTengukami says:

ive got a bachelors in cyber security

HereComeTheRooster says:

This cunt hit the wall years ago

Charles Millay says:

this girl definitely wants to fuck tom.

* * says:

That dumb bitch got rekt.

Digitalbumpin says:

This woman IS married to a pussy if she feels comfortable calling up and talking down her husband like this and talking dirty with this fat pig.

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