TOP 5 BEST Fast Food Hacks – Get FREE FOOD From ANY Fast Food Restaurant – All HACKS Working 2017!

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FIVE Awesome Fast Food Life Hacks that can help you get FREE FOOD in the future. Please note that some of these hacks are not the right thing to do, but if you ever find yourself in a predicament where you cant afford food this might help you. This is for educational purposes only and we nor the original creators of the videos will be held responsible for your actions.

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68comeback says:

if this is real?they need to b doing time.
that's messed up..I've seen kitchen workers..n they bust themselves for ppl like these..scammers

kwallace0307 says:

How are these hacks it's stealing lying and wrong

P La says:

Everyone of these idiots need to get a real job

Ross Vornkahl says:

PLEASE PLEASE DON'T DO ANY OF THESE!!! I F-ED MY KARMA UP SO BAD…I was really poor waiting for disability to decide, and the easiest way to eat was just calling in complaining or just going to the window complaining. To my thinking it wasn't stealing, tho in the back of my mind I knew that was bs. In a matter of a few months: My wife passed while giving birth to our first son, my son was taken by dcfs : one of the chief complaints centering around how I obtained food, I was actually arrested for complaining about an order which never occurred, and on and on. It's been 10 years since my sweet wife passed and 7 since I have seen my son. My advice to those thinking they are clever getting free food, remember: There's no such thing as a free lunch. Please heed these warnings, others tried to warn me, and I scoffed, I paid a hefty price. Thou shalt not steal.

Kevin Finley says:

Get extra candy on Halloween

Marina Rodriguez says:

My birthday is already march 15

Im Andy says:

Fuckk that is me at the last video… He stealling my foods!!!!! I will report this to police

Red Hook says:

Its not a hack when you lie and steal food from a restaurant. POS!!

Aubrey Krendale says:

Don't blacks get enough free food already?

Steven Hamelton says:

You know, Its wrong to take advantage of this, How about a video that teaches ethics and morals. Lets see a video on that

Sam Quade says:

Not the right thing to do

Michele Conley says:

The Mc Donald's app can be used multiple times at the counter. Be nice asbd they won't say NO.

The Purifier says:

that last one is funny problem is they are on camera.

Debbie Craft says:

These methods are nothing less than stealing from the company. And you are lying. If I tried this, I wouldn't be able to sleep at night due to the guilt. Don't do it!

roysgirl11 says:

Ppl been doing most of this crap for years now …trust fast food joints are hip …

chris black says:

The one with the birthday is actually my birthday lmao

Bill in Cleave says:

Its a sad damn world when you have to steal fast food.  #5 the nigger "axed for the Manager" ignorant fuck cant even speak proper.

April Trahan says:

This isn't anything other than teaching people how to steal—it is NOT really free!

CrazyMario 20398 says:

Free food? thats a way to get fat XD

Roz Page says:

Wow that last one was a low blow what a dic

loser says:

Tbh these hacks would be amazing for homeless people

Nunya Biznus says:

"Free food Hacks" more like ways to steal peoples food and rob resteraunts. Encouraging people to steal other customers food or obtain food from resteruants using lies and false accounts are not considered "hacks" its stealing….Love how people like you show how to do this stuff than are astounded when it happens to you or better yet, you get caught for trying these and end up with a record.

Ashton 4life says:


Missy Cheesehead says:

Stealing tips. I thought this would be rebates or surveys to get free food, not ripping people off.

Mr. J says:

The niggs always have a way to steal and turn a neighborhood into a broke down piece of shit.

Joe Hardin says:

This boi broke as hell in the second hack

Sherry Desmarais says:

The last kid stole the food from the guy behind him. I refuse to watch a channel that encourages this kind of behaviour. That kid should have been charged with theft!!

Kyle Zeigler says:

Teaching shitheads how to steal, nice video dick.

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