Top 5 worst ways to spend ingots/coupons – Naruto Online

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• Character: Jiraiya
• Server: S60 UK


Branden Hasty says:

Number 1 should be spending on rigged events……….. 🙁

bob sagay says:

number 1 should have been being a gay spic picking garlic in a hot californian field to recharge ingots just so you can spend them on sending yourself virtual flowers

bogoljub djordjevic says:

za divno cudo slazem se

S12-Blaze says:

Good video I hope the next one with more and not so obvious Like the one to spend ingots in energy who does that must be drugged :v

Red Flame Dragon says:

We all know that the worst way to spend Ingots/Coupons is to buy 50 Stamina for 10 Ingots

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