Trading The Coupons For Rare Loot Chests! | Last Day On Earth Gameplay

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New Update to Last Day On Earth Gameplay. Let’s Play! – Well, that was so worth it huh? Hope the red coupons go better.

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Last Day on Earth is a free game, where all players are driven by one goal. When the end comes you can trust only yourself. There is no guide or tips that will guarantee your salvation. Let’s Play Last Day On Earth! #LastDayOnEarth

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Alex Czyz says:

This game is so shit it's unreal!
What makes it 1000 times worse is that it had absolute bags of potential, but the developers just seem to be completely wasting it.

Lennard Aarnes says:

Machetes are more common than m16. You get the weapon on the humitarian aid.

Lennard Aarnes says:

And dont use the m16 too often. The generator room is swarming with zombies. Use the m16 there. Use glock or machete agains 2-3 abonation or toxic spitter.

Lennard Aarnes says:

I did it by using old glock that had 5 % durability. I used bows to kill the frenzied. Its worth it.

Manju Dsouza says:

Wasted lot of gun

Javier says:

I got unrationally irritated everytime he manually pick the coupons when he could just click take all…

Nate Mladek says:

I know you don't buy tokens but how do you get them in game

Doggo says:

"56" I remember that one" hehehheeh

BigJigglyPanda Junior says:

the red boxes give u soooo much stuff

Ventus Nemesis says:

Why dont you not break your m4? Can you fix it? Newbie here

MiraFake 69 says:

Can somebody help me?
I cant get to the elevator 1:26 it says it seems that device needs more power

Worthee says:

if you die next to a frenzied giant just lure it out and then outrun it back to your body ez

TRADEMARKsz - says:

14:45 the room where i lost everything 🙁

Brendan Legault says:


Jaydon Mohammed says:

i used up every thing to get it

Jaydon Mohammed says:

faclon i got the red coupon chest i got my first shotgon and a m16
and a modiefied m16 and a modiefied glock

idris ismail says:

How do i open the door when its stuck?

idris ismail says:

Hey if the bunker closes do the password changes


can someone do the hack for free coins for me please my nametag is AZATILLER

TheGolden Pokeball says:

I don't care how much weapons I waste it's. Exciting

Dibakar Bairagi says:

Falcon69 is gas tank added in the game or not.

thetriggeredturtle says:

I killed a floater bloater in the pine bushes

Phiang Smith says:

i <3 u mr.falcon!😊😊

Andi Bani says:

Why don't you break your guns


i cleared all of the first floor and i found no minugun and no ak 47 what the frick

Matteo Puia says:

Still this game with aim hacks…,i hate it…

theattacker 309 says:

hey bro you should play Dead pleague

Natpo Prosjak says:

Why you put this video on private 3 days ago?

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