Trying to SELL OLD VIDEO GAMES to Gamestop!

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Returning old video games to GameStop!
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Star lord says:

Holy cow this was cringe

Jorge Martinez says:

If you buy a android tablets you can get
good games for free.

Reginald Durley says:

Game Stop Movie Trading Place all are rip offs. I tried to trade in M17 18 and 19 to buy 20 they said all them games was worth $5. I kept my games

Derald Hanson says:

GameStop English Dub Cartoon
Anime / Action, Video Games

Derald Hanson says:

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate English Dub Cartoon
Anime / Action, Fighting

Screechbat says:

“Getting 2k19” not me trading my 2k19

Saturate says:

Gamestop really selling games for 100x the price they pay for it…

Ralph Wiggum says:

It was, in the stone age

Milad Anki says:

Y’all hella dumb and childish

Polybius_223_YT says:


Try Space Invaders

BlackJains says:

U act like a clown

super sayain Wakks says:

Ok bro needs to learn video games from cars what a dumbass

Folorunsho Tobi abbey says:

Message @bobhacks on instagram
I buy from him last week

Paintball Shooter says:

What did she say???? 2:14

Laura Frost says:

GameStop is not a real game shop it’s the worse don’t shop at GameStop go to a real game store

LemonDropsBangers says:

I swear you can buy something for a million dollars at GameStop and you only get $5 back for it

Stupid Ass says:

It has zero value until they slap the $30 used game price tag on it

Nooby Gang says:

Two teenagers trying to act cool on YouTube be like (insert cringy dancing)

Derek H says:

Nope it's old get nothing



CherryGirlHunter says:

Buy nintendo they retain or increase in value

Hanso Hasashi says:

You guys are so annoying. You seriously want 60 dollars for a game from 2007? Then you ask for the employee’s number? You never hit on a girl while she is on the job it’s just common sense.

Neptune17e8 says:

I can find sports games for the Xbox 360 for like 13p no joke in Cex

MatthewMA official says:

These guys are so annoying

Glory Ade says:

I just recovered my lost cash from gamestop, through the help of Availablespypro on IG he is the best 💯💯.

AMV vlone says:


Joshua Center says:

Am so happy my friend recommended me to Availablespypro on IG he just saved my life by recovering my lost cash on gamestop..

Ever Vazquez says:


Ghostin says:

Why are most of the staff at GameStop so miserable

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