Twelve Coupon Prints From the SAME Computer?! 9/28

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Y’all I haven’t posted this on the blog yet bc I need someone other than me to confirm that this actually works…can you please let me know if you are also able to do this? Thanks so much!
Also, please don’t think this will work with every coupon that appears under multiple zipcodes; I got lucky entering in the two that I did that offered the Filippo Berio coupon. Also, do a google search for the site I talked about using (it appears on the side of the coupons I printed from there)…I’m actually hesitant to post the link bc other than printing a few times from it, I know absolutely nothing about it.
Thanks for watching and letting me know how it goes!
**All items were purchased with my own money. I’m not paid to endorse any products or sites. All opinions are 100% my own and honest**


Sah Mainuddin says:

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Tara Taylor says:

I am a couponer and this is coupon fraud, if you want to do this you go ahead but don't be passing this on to others. This is why they are cracking down on couponers because people are not honest. This is no different than stealing….Shame on you!

Kim Ellis says:

Is that legal?

daschundloverable says:

I can't even imagine someone clipping coupons from "90210".  lol!!!!!

Chule Oh says:

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Weeping Angel says:

This no longer works.

ultimatecouponlady says:

Does this still work?

TheNewEngland CouponCharacter says:

I can print usually 3/4 of the same coupons from the same computer. I just have a couple windows open and have some incognito and use different zip codes. It usually prints 2/3 and then I go back onto both or to see if I can print it anymore.

Influencer ProductPromoter says:

Using different emails, maybe?

Nikki Lane says:

Not working

Britanny Hudson says:

Well, I just tried this. I had already maxed my coupon print out for dawn dish soap on I went to and was able to print off more using the zip code 90210! Thank you so much. This is awesome. Wish I would have known it sooner 🙂

MsBamafanatic says: got wise to this and changed their system. Now they recognize you from your IP address, so unless you have a way to block that, you won't be able to print more than 2 coupons on one computer.

Hlub Yaj says:

where do u put the codes? im lost cant find the it

mumi2485 says:

Can u just do the step by step visual

Amy Householder says:

Didn't work for me. I tried going to different zip codes like she said and the coupon was already clipped.

SuperGirl1970 Carver says:

it doesn't work for me

Argus Loud says:

Why can't you simply print to a PDF driver and print as many as you want? 

Rosio B says:

OMG!! I was able to print so many coupons!!! you are the best!

Lesa Buckley says:

Where in the heck do you even print the different zip codes??

SuperGirl1970 Carver says:

but do they have the same last three numbers. I was told if it prints out with the last three numbers the same, It will be considered a fake coupon.

blkbrn1952 says:

What were the zipcodes you used

ultimatecouponlady says:

Doesn't work for me. Did the coupon still show as 'clipped' when you entered the new zip codes?

OurBest ForHisPraise says:

how do i get started? Help

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