Ultimate Budget Grocery Haul Australia || Tips to Cut your Grocery Budget || Under $100

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Lots of people ask us how we manage to keep our grocery budget so low. Today we take you grocery shopping with us to show you how to grocery shop on a budget with different tips and hacks that you can use to keep you grocery budget in check. We are an Australian family so a lot of the grocery hauls and tips that are online are hard to relate to and to use a lot of their awesome tips. Food is much more expensive in general in Australia along with having different grocery stores and no couponing. Hopefully this will help those of you who live in Australia and New Zealand a bit of a helping hand with the grocery budget.

Our weekly grocery budget for our family of six is $150. This week we spent $90 on the things we needed for the week and an extra $37 stocking up on items that were on sale.

If we we having a hard week with lots of other bills coming in we could have our grocery bill be under $100 for the week and still be eating plenty of great food without having to sacrifice. SO the grand total for this weeks shopping haul was $127 for our family of six.

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Hippie healthy Mumma says:

Thanks for sharing its great to see how other families shop and certanly
Gives us some great tips too

Lana Frances says:

Depending on who is my favourite that day Bahahaha so relatable 😂❤


She is so calm and explaining evrything clear

Sheree Crouch says:

Love your comment about milk! I agree, my kids drink too much

myhomecd myhomecd says:

I always look at the bottom shelves too! Definitely cheaper. And the home brands are not so bad at all, honestly!

The Gino Family says:

Thank you for this

Sonja Tregellis says:

I really love this video can you do more like this and a meal plan?! Also do you keep your butter in the fridge or out?

Tracy Creaser says:

Hi i have a group called Grocery hauls bargains and frugal tips on face book im hoping you dont mind im going to post this on there if you would like to join you can post your grocery hauls on there if you want thanks great haul x

Luke Collins says:

Only issue is with alot of the cheaper brands they are mostly made overseas

Sonja Tregellis says:

Wow what a great amount for your money at the fruit and veg shop!

Sonja Tregellis says:

The weather has been seriously crazy.
Thanks for the tips

Spicylicious says:

Great Video !
Just subscribed!

Mumma kat says:

New supporter! Great channel, enjoyed this video!! 💖💫

Twenty Four Devyn says:

Great haul!! I love coleslaw!!Just subscribed!! 💕💕

Kerri Young says:

$150 a week for a family of 6 is impressive! I spend easily $250 per week in woolies

Dean Webster says:

Great tips! Thanks for sharing!

The Intentional Dollar says:

$9 for cereal… wow! But I buy generic too. Never thought about mixing cereals though. Great tips.

Neks Life Stories says:

Wow $9.00 for cereal.. lol..toothbrush thieves

The Long Run with Joel and Christy says:

Great haul. Thanks for sharing. It was interesting seeing a grocery haul from Australia. 🙌

Keep On Pushing says:

Great tips! Thanks!

Eleanor Watene says:

Cool Candy!

Ruth Hood says:

That was great seeing well behaved children at the supermarket, I find these videos really entertaining.
I really should start applying these meal planning rules.

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