Walgreens Couponing Haul 1/21-1/27

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Here’s the breakdown of the deals:

Suave Body Wash
Clearance $0.79 each

Soft Soap Hand Soap
Clearance $1.19
$(0.75) Coupon from 1/21 Newspaper

Purell Natural Hand Sanitizer
Clearance $1.79
$(1.00) IP from Coupons.com

Palmolive on Sale $1.99 Each
$(0.50) Coupon from Coupons.com and/or 1/21 Newspaper
=$1.50 Each

Persil Laundry Detergent on Sale $4.99 Each
$(2.00) Coupon from Coupons.com or Wags App

Loreal Elvive Shampoo/Conditioner on Sale for $3.99 Each
$(3.00) 2 IP from Coupons.com
$(1.00) each from Wags Coupon Booklet
=$3.00 for 2 or $1.50 Each

Loreal Damage Erasing Balm on Sale for $5.99
$(2.50) IP from Coupons.com
$(1.00) from Wags Coupon Booklet

Oxy Clean Laundry Detergent on Sale for $3.99 Each
$(2.00) IP from Coupons.com
=$2.00 Each

Also I forgot to mention it in the video but I also got 3 12 packs of Pepsi products 3/$10 (Included in the $35 OOP I mentioned)

Also I hit beauty, which is a $5.00 reward.


lindsey smith says:

Great deals!!! I love it when I can befriend a cashier!

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