Walgreens MONEY MAKER Deal Printable Coupon

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Walgreens money maker deal printable coupon. *UPDATE* the Lipton coupon does not work at walgreens. Sorry.
Head over to http://www.redplum.com and print off Lipton tea coupons.
If you are just learning to couponing make sure you watch my playlist of how to coupon on my home page. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-I8_r3kZX_M&list=PLB45A5CA113AA90DB&index=1

how to extreme coupon step by step


livingpoor says:

no. you have to buy them one at a time

Chiquilas30 says:

If I buy 10 Lipton teas, in one transaction, will I get 10 register rewards?

livingpoor says:

thank you for coming by.

livingpoor says:

thank you. are you ready for walgreens tomorrow? going to be a fun getting lots of free stuff and money makers

Qponclippingteacher says:

TFS and she is such a cutie!!

livingpoor says:

yeah it fools the new people but its up to us to show them how to coupon. thanks for coming by.

livingpoor says:

$1 for the tea use the $0.25 coupon you pay $0.75 you will get back $1 RR so you are now up $0.25 hope that helps. let me know if you need more help

oxford14 says:

I teach a couponing class and one of the remarks I hear often is, "It says Walmart on this when I print it out. I can't use it anywhere else." I show them the wording is "Redeemable at Walmart." That corporation pays a lot of money to fool people into thinking that means ONLY at Walmart. Not true. I show beginning couponers the difference between a "redeemable" (you can take it anywhere) and "redeem only."

xbluebells says:

Not sure how it is a money maker- Do u have to have some sort of card?

livingpoor says:

you better get the money maker. lol.

livingpoor says:

thank you. she is our last one.

Ann Eckhart says:

Your little one is so cute!!!!

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