Walmart Food Shopping with Coupons | Price Matching

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Innovasian (Sticky Rice Coupon) 11/13 Smart Source
Keebler Crackers 11/13 Red Plum
Oscar Mayer
Nutella 11/13 Smart Source

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Julia Guerra says:

what do you mean when you say "bought rebate" ?. Im new to coupon.

Dien Tran says:

How do you do price matching at Walmart? I've never done that😏

Yui Panyakaew says:

im giving a break on couponing for a little bit and i still watch your videos everyday lol.

Normis Contreras says:

Creo ya 🙄somos varias que queremos que hagas un vídeo o este mismo pero en español 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Thrift StoreGirl says:

$2.18 oop for milk?!  Wow, up here in PA it's always around $3-$4 per gallon 🙁

Tim Hutch says:

Hi Toni, I have been watching you for a while now and I love your deals. I normally don't comment, but, I felt moved to do so. It's obvious that you used a text translator when attempting to write in Spanish. You can deny it if you want, but, as a Latino, it is very easy to tell. It's okay to not know the language well enough to converse, just don't use a text translator and portray yourself as a Spanish speaker when you are not. Leave the Spanish speaking to Couponers who actually speak the language so your subscribers can be clearly informed. There are great Spanish speaking YouTubers such as; Cupones Para Comida, Ahorrando con Cupones, Deals by Mary, Cupones Divina and many more. You're a wonderful person and I appreciate your hard work. I just feel that native Spanish speakers or even those who spend years in college or otherwise could be offended by this.

A Stanley says:

My teen son wants to move with you and these groceries lol. Coupons for healthy foods are rare.

Forever His23 says:

Where can I find the coupons for the sticky white rice and for the other items?

Mistie Just Living The Dream says:

It is hard to coupon for food. I always try to stock up when Kroger has their amazing sales. And then I splurge on the meat

Berta Carreno says:

Hola gracias por haberte molestado en contestarme y pues me encantas tú videos los explicas muy bien y le pones una chispa de alegría a todos los videos Qué hace que los vídeos sean más interesantes y hacen una pareja muy bonita

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