Walmart Run Deal– FREE Charmin Toilet Tissue!! Run YMMV

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Walmart Run Deal– FREE Charmin Toilet Tissue!! Run — This is a Your Mile May Vary Deal- Ive been hearing a lot of cities have these for this price. You will have to run to your store to see.

Deal is at Walmart!! Go to Walmart!! I repeat go to Walmart!!
Here’s info on product-
Charmain Essentials Soft
12 Double Rolls =24 Regular Rolls
sku # 0 37000 96604 3

Should ring up $1.00 use $1.00/1 from July P&G makes it free!

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LilGoat 02 says:

for some reason YouTube sent me a notice for this video today???

Sunday Kimble says:

maam i know that alot of people have to understand by abc technique so i like you alot so please were learning abc technique and. dont get frustrated by us abc technique slowly lol some get it some dont like me i may need you to go with me hands on abc im new i love your videos thank you i wish i had your
( Patience) With us thx

Myra Dixon says:

just tried and everything matches even the code you read off but they still came 4.95 a pack

Natasha Ramirez says:

thanks girl. sorry you've been having bad comments.your only trying to help us shouldn't have to deal with negative feedback.

Tee Cousins says:

TFS I got mine.

Love6kids P says:

The deal with charrmin maybe regional. I went to my local Walmart in Torrance, California and the it's regular price πŸ™

Carrie Martinez says:

Thanks love, I'm going to see if I can do it todayπŸ’‹

Karyn Haines says:

Steely don't sell that size here…bummer.

Ria Con says:

Checked 3 wal-marts in MD no luck πŸ˜’ – but love love love your videos 😍😍😍

Veronica C says:

can i do this deal today?


is the sale still going on

Jazmine Zamora says:

i got mines thanks i went 16packs thanks so much

lovely Cathy says:

Gina how can i follow you so i did not miss the deal..i only have facebook though.

Jess Greaves says:

My Walmart did not have them at a 1.00 and Walmart would not let me type in numbers to get 1.00 price. πŸ˜•Jess

Felicia Dependable Angel Services says:

mine do have no paper like that

Chyna Whyte says:

; ( they didn't ring up as a buck for me……..

Couponing With Toni says:

Lord knows I tried last night at 1am. or should I say 1am this morning my stores were out. Glad you were able to get some. But wait….Which ones do I get???? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Samuel Johnson says:

thank you so much they had none in the shelf but had to unopen boxes paid $2.49 and that's because I got a Snickers just in case.

Monica Armour says:

Thank you.Β Β  Just subscribed to your site for this amazing deal….

Randi E says:

pay attention people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jess Greaves says:

Thank u Hun for the deal… Dollar General big clearance deals start the July 15th-17th… Amazing Deals… Can't Wait… πŸ˜€Jess

Sandra Star says:

Thanks for the heads up

Isaiah Gonzales says:

mine rang up regular price at the price check. and it was this exact item dang it!

Lws7818 says:

I ran out right away to get this deal…..but Walmart pull the product from the shelves……darn it!!!!

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