Wednesday! .24 persil! $40 in overage!! walmart cheapies!! extreme couponing deals!

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HI!! Welcome to my channel! I’m a 16 year old couponer currently saving in Texas! In my channel you will find the best couponing deals of the week as well as tips and tricks to saving money!
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Sandy Tarnowski says:

Awesome haul!

Melissa Chochard says:

Killing it still…LOL….You must have more Almay & Wet & Wild than the drugstores do….ha!!! Great Hauls…you are so bright and fierce with your strategies in your purchases

Samantha Shaver says:

I think it is AMAZING that at 16 years old you are too funny like this I am 30 and just recently started and watching your shows everyday makes me wish I started a lot sooner great job!!

Jenn Galindo says:

SOOOO AWESOME……i have same question as other people…how do you get cash back from walmart at self checkout? or do you use ur overage to buy other things or do they add it to a gift card for you? ive had some problems with walmart and dollar tree only because they dont know their store policy and they are super rude when i pull it up and read it to them. anyways your awesome love your videos

Debera Faulkner says:

Do you do self checkout? Do you get cash back for overage? I wish I could coupon like you do!! You rock!!!

Nancy says:

Nice haul. The store's that are by my house is not really organized , clearance items be everywhere.. but good job

Mariana Herrera says:

noqskqm ibotta

Deanna Whorton says:

Omg….hope you're not gettin the flu..take care…and great haul!

Nonnie ExposingDCFKidnappers says:

You got the Persil @ Walmart? For how much?

Deana lovellette says:

Where and how many newspapers coupons do you get?

ruth gay says:

Nice great job. THANKS. Because of your video I got 1 almay for a dollar 😁

Juanita Rios says:

you should make a vid when u r at the store couponing

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