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There are a bunch of great deals going on. If you have never couponed at CVS and are a beginner it is very easy to start couponing there. Take it very slow and start small with just one or two deals. Do only the best deals until you get the hang of using coupons. You will couponing like a pro in no time. I have a bunch of instructional videos for NEWBiE brand new couponers. Here is a couple below.
How To Stack Coupons at CVS:
How To Receive CVS Email Coupons:
CVS Coupon Policy:

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How To Be Organized Shopping! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lt3kzLxKxSI&index=7&list=PLrat_-A90-JVRT1AdCBG7NP9D6RNZti5e
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How To Use Coupons at CVS:
Couponing Life Hacks:


Norma Vasquez says:

Awesomeness!! Bottle

Deven Dougherty says:

Great tip on the hotels. I'm definitely going to ask my local ones.

Treasa Seelke says:

Bottle. I love your videos. They are so helpful for a beginner like me.

J Martinez Lee says:

Bottle! … When I travel to bigger cities I get super excited to buy the newspapers there because they do have better coupons! 🤗

Sara Doyle says:

bottle! great tips!

Laura Guzman says:

Bottle 😊

April Hernandez says:

I like the way you say "water" bottle..

Yvonne Hurlbert says:

Bottle….also, some couponers order inserts from websites rather than get papers. And, I get inserts for free, but they don't always have the coupons I am looking for, so I will sometimes order just a few coupons from clipping services like Klip2Save.

The Piney Woods Homestead Mom says:

I just got a wireless printer to print more coupons but I can not get it to print with my Android and stay connected to the WiFi! Ugg!!! Can anyone help? Yes, the library is my favorite place to get free coupons.☺. Thanks for sharing!

Eric Hoglund says:


mayra says:

Bottle! I love your couponing videos you have helped me slot learning bit by bit with your videos. did a nice haul recently at CVS. last week. happy holidays blessings. 💕

Jennifer Wyatt says:

What kind of printer do you have??

K Slat says:

Thank you for sharing this information. I had no idea that I could go to hotels for coupons. Bottle..THANK YOU!

Marisol Flores says:

Bottle 😃

Letty Reyes says:

Bottle thanks for sharing

Simplyserene101 says:

Bottle!! this may be silly but can you show us how you print internet coupons from coupons.com so that you're getting different coupons?

Reina Juarez says:

Bottle please.. Thank u for sharing this very helpful fo me.

Mariposa says:

BOTTLE !!!!👍🤗👏

Mariposa says:

BOTTLE !!! 👍🤗👏

Mariposa says:

BOTTLE !!! 👍🤗👏

Mariposa says:

BOTTLE !!! 👍🤗👏

He Provides Homestead says:

Bottle. One of the ways we get coupons is to go to our local recycling co-op and rummage thru the newspaper bin. Monday night seems to be the best time here. We find inserts as recent as the day prior, and as old as a year.

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