Yes, it's possible to save money at the grocery store without using coupons

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This mother of 5 says she saves hundreds of dollars a month a the grocery store without using coupons by using meal plans as her guide.


Johnny Pham says:

She shops like a recipient on government subsidization.

joey weston says:

she has 5 kids no thankssss

Archie says:

How do you buy bananas for a month? I have to go in each week to buy a few sunny bunch

Debbie Frampton says:

I've been buying markdown meat and a lot of other markdown items at my grocery store I like to shop at least every other day there are times I go in the store and I don't buy anything I just walk back out Kroger is a half a mile from where I live

yup says:

We do curbside. It really lets you think about what you're buying and comparison shop. We buy at 1 grocery store+Target. We put all the stuff we want in the grocery store cart and then compare against Target and shift more expensive items over to Target. When we get the notification from the grocery store day-of that they were out of some things, we add them to Target and hit pay. Target is ready in 2-hours so we hit both stores on the same trip.

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