YOUTUBERS & MORPHE: The TRUTH About Discount Codes

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I hope you’ll watch the whole video before commenting, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on influencers heavily promoting their discount codes. Does it bother you?
I think it’s important for an audience to know when someone is earning money by sharing opinions on products. I hope this video adds a bit more transparency to the industry.
These are obviously my opinions so I hope no one takes offence to this video thinking I’m aiming it at a certain person, when hundreds of people have codes now anyways.

For a discount on morphe use my code: ‘plsgivememoney’!

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Alexsis Holley TV says:

Discount code didn't work

CAT G.Blondecat says:

Well Said. New Sub and (((((((Hugs))))))))
at the moment Morphe is still made in the same factory in China that crown and everyone else is still made [ on the quiet. possibly Coastal scents and some BH cosmetics too] Morphe is also in the gossip channels due to shitty behaviour.
Morphe.. Your Make up is fine… It's your shitty practices that are putting people off !!

ally gagnon says:

youtube is literally some people's only job why do you people get so mad over everything? they have to make money some how lmao

Melanie Pizarro says:

How do you even get your own discount code?

Bethie Ann says:

This is another huge reason why I am crazy for ya… You say the truth… And you help clear up what many are thinking and things that are not normally talked about. I am so happy I found your channel girlfriend.

Mia Fitzgerald says:

I live in Australia, so while Morphe pallets are on the affordable side, shipping ends up costing me more than the actual pallet ($26.00 for shipping) so a discount code that takes of $2.00 isn't really worth it.

Katya Lopez says:

thx for being honest and your makeup is so pretty

Angel Richards says:

their codes are for 10% off but MORPHEBABE has 20% off

Shana Robinson says:

That discount code in your info…

Jade Abbey says:

subscribed very real videos

Jade Abbey says:

pet peeve is when people are complaining about the codes and they just disable comments..

Paty Mendoza says:

If you don't want to use a YouTubers code you can Google discount codes for that certain website and you'll find random discount codes with a larger discount!

rachelle NBHD says:

Lol when I use discount codes it's only for one thing, I don't have enough money for a bunch of expensive makeup even with a discount code lmao ๐Ÿ˜‚

Texas Glamour Gal says:

I love morphe products regardless. I don't mind using the code. If I can save money and they gain a small percentage then I don't care cause in the end I save money. And at one point, just like I am right now (a small youtuber) they spent their own money on morphe. If I'm in the area of the morphe store at the time I won't use the influencer code cause I save more money with the military discount morphe gives. As a YouTuber myself, if I started with products that I used in the beginning then continue to use them as i grow, how is my review false if I have loved that brand from when it was nothing?

Amina A says:

Immediately subscribed

anthonsya sounti says:

i agree, i love Stephanie Lange .. she have a discount code but not "too pushy" promote on her video, i understand Influencer needs this, make up is expensive and of course its good to get "bonus" , and i actually don't mind to help the influencer since i also benefit from their knowledge and channel, but i don't like if they start to misleading the stuff, or say it very good but that actually CRAP

WOT stuff says:

Tbh, it doesnt bother me in the least. It's our job to be a conscientious and educated consumer. I feel if the influencer has introduced me to a product that fills a need that I may have, then why wouldn't i use their code? If I follow the influencer and have trusted their past recommendations, then this person has saved me hundreds of dollars in pursuit of finding this product. So not only did they save me money on the actual product, they saved me the money and time I would have spent in trying to find this product! This person has provided me with a shortcut, so why would I keep them from receiving a benefit as well? And in a world where it's tough to make money in non-traditional ways, i congratulate them on finding a way. Good for them!

chinyere ubaekwe says:

I get your point, but if I ever got paid to talk about Nike product I definitely would because I love there brand some you just don't know if a you tuber is being real

Esiri Eya'ufe says:

I get what you mean. Some people are waayyy to aggressive with the way they push their codes. However, i don't think it's a bad thing advertising that you have a discount code considering that alot of people do youtube full time. And from one uni student to another, i think you shouldn't be hesitant to put your code in the description box and maybe earn some extra money. So far you're transparent i think it's fine! Anyways, you've got yourself a new subscriber! ๐Ÿ™‚

Lit Whit says:

I never use any codes from youtubers whenever I shop online I google coupons for the website and find much better codes

Pretty Accountant says:

Subscribing for your honesty.

bunny m says:

I don't mind youtubers pushing morphe. It gives me a very clear idea who not to follow.

Lakia Keely says:

You were going to spend that money anyway so why not use the code. Sounds like jealousy to me.


Yes preach girl.

Ashley Nicole says:

I like your honestly & I agree with everything u have said because it is the truth 100% percent!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜Š

Jackie Oney says:

I subbed to you for your truthfulness, thank you!!

Jess Jess says:

I don't like morphe. I did buy brushes and palettes 4 of them actually and I didn't like them at all

Jess Jess says:

I never use any of the codes. Some brands you can chat online through the company and they give you the same percentage off.

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