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wiston Romero says:

alguien puede traducir en español lo q habla jason lee! mi tarjeta de credito no se puede cargar! eso siempre me lo dice la pag.! y me habla tambien de un codigo de cupon (adisional) … yo qiero suscribirme a Zoosk sera q alguien me ayuda¡?

Jason Lee says:

BINGO! Thanks Jay! You are right on.

John Bichan says:

i am trying to decipher what actual Critical thinking was exhibited in the above 'review' in this You-tube.

jay lee says:

I love when things don't go the way they want and people blame/ take it out on the company. Maybe people should go back to school to learn how to communicate effectively so they can talk to girls/guys without making mistakes or google how to talk in a relationship 🙂

Jason Lee says:

so you are not a fan it appears. Remember the link above has user reviews for all dating sites

Jason Lee says:

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Check out the Zoosk review above

Stuart Lyle says:

Zoosk is a total scam. They want a $45 activation fee in addition to the monthly subscription.

Jason Lee says:

Which dating sites have you used?

Sameh Nashed says:

Robert it is still tough dating even without kids – it is not easy – trust me.

Jason Lee says:

Robert, it's a fine site. Thanks for the comment.

Robert Ramos Jr says:

thx for sharing. glad i seen this post. i think im still gonna try out zoosk, just cuz theres not much else in my area and i already tried eHarmony (didnt work/help), much. I still have my doubts but ill give it a shot. tough dating when u have 2 small children at home. and i dont do the bar scene much, come to think of it, 3months membership is pretty close to one round of drinks now a days. lmao. lol

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