.50 cent Yoplait kids yogurt at Publix/Revlon & Dove Scenario for CVS 7/24/12

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This yogurt deal came just in time! Great item for kids lunch boxes! FYI the yogurt can be frozen.

Yoplait coupon

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flacrafter says:

Great deal on the yoplait; also great scenario with the dove and revlon.

IslandCouponGal says:

Great deal on the yoplait…I hope this coming week at pooblix is more exciting than it has been! Tfs

Truss843 says:

Thanks girl! You are so right.. Looks like Jergens lotion might be free with 71 cents in overage if they are priced at $2.29 starting tomorrow.

29lawanna says:

Great scenario babe!!!! Publix has been slow these past few weeks they use to be bangin with bogo deals!!! Now were just getting sprinkles lolol

TwoKrazyCouponMoms says:

great haul, i am going to get the yogurt tomorrow

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