Bargain Hunters Reveal How They Get Everyday Items For Free

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Seasoned bargain hunters are sharing their tips for getting free stuff, both online and in stores. The last time Jillian Milhorn bought a bottle of shampoo or tube of toothpaste was three years ago, and she says she’s saved hundreds of dollars in total. She signs up for promotional giveaways online. Joanie Demer created to share her talent for coupon cutting. Lee Breslouer, a reporter for, got free stuff without even leaving his house.


ava says:

Bruh you could get kidnapped 🙄

Potato Unicorn says:

U shouldve gave me some tide! I wouldve made slime!

Ashley Telling says:

I use the crazy coupon lady app I get free stuff every day

Flame Super says:

My mom tried it and she lost 1000$ i am not jokeing for real YO

Ashley Nowicki says:

Hey everyone, here’s a cool prank you should try…..

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Grace Noonan says:

"And their flying like billionaires" ……. with plastic cups

Grimm Potato says:

Sounds like scams

Yair Ronen says:

I don't ussaly comment on youtube videos.But here is what happends when you put your personal infromation and email

1. You get spam messages from different companies because the comapny you signed up for a giveaway sold you email to advertisers.
2. You get mails to your house about random junk.

People, please. Either get a Job or a cupon like in the video. Don't sign up for random stuff.

Leo says:

Nothing is free

Siphy says:

It’s funny that to get good discounts and free stuff you have to work really hard finding those offers

Carlyxoxlol says:

Use Groupon.

Yanchang Zhao says:

Can I have the tide detergent to make SLIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gamergirl121 Blooo says:

It's not free if someone else bought it

Piper says:

Bet her email junkbox is about to explode

Thrill Time says:

Huh..This says I have to pay you!

olivia Hamilton says:

my sister got a trip to london for free on a web like this

LOL 1234 says:

Just go to a dollar store 💵

carol vazquez says:

In sixth grade try told us to write to someone or anything and I wrote to the Cheetos company and than I got a coupon for a free bag of and Cheetos bag but had to pay for te taxes which was like 0.05

Banana Bread Man says:

“Flying like billionaires”
drinking out of 1 cent plastic juice cups


Sg Micah says:

my mom got 10 dollars in the mail once. she got it for doing a serve on the mail time we got 50 dollars :0

Hannah • says:


I don't have a name says:


Sandra Ciarlante says:

Don't do it you will get a million phone call and get nothing free

squishy_productions says:

My mom dose this

Panda Scared Of Illuminati says:

What u can do is buy 2 dresses get one free (fill in dress with item) and then u can get a refund for the free dress

Shehla Gul says:

I just tried out a deal on freebee shark it didn't make me go in circles like other websites but let's see if it actually gets here

Lil Unicookies says:

When I saw tide on the thumb nail I thought it was slime

Bier Chuong says:


Golden Yu says:

Can someone think of a way to get free blanket for the poor at winter time, free milk powder, diapers, clothing for single moms,

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