[CODE] ULTIMATE Leveling Up Guide in Heroes Online ROBLOX | 1-300

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In today’s video I will be guiding you on how to level up very fast from level 1 to 300 (MAX) in less than 24 hours in Heroes Online Roblox!

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Aileen Solidum says:

2020 here grinding 100 to 125 farming pixibob or dabi just to do the quest in beast forest is a pain in the neck 😀

Gabriella Gheby says:

i am lvl 79

Emil Sanchez Martinez says:

I'm level 81 and It took me a 2 times more and he didn't give me anything that funny

Ur Lizard says:

6:26 oh no etika is being attacked

DangerVolt09 says:

mate he spelt Phoenix wrong HOW

hahhaa lolxd says:

I got level 200 In a day my friend went on my acc for 12 hours and then I did 12 hrs.

Flyingspide gaming says:

Actually you can beat him at level 1 because his health doesn't region and you can just keep spawning over

Bananehrhhe Jqnwhemneben says:

Oh look it’s asta

steps lags says:

i have the PRIME (thing) quirk and im lvl 68 i just started yesterday.. im just killing muscular.. lol but thanks for making video for giving us tips on how to lvl up fast :). i like it!

amaan ayaan says:

I didn't meant that my powers are Opposite to its uses XD 🤣🤣🤣😂 first rare spin All for one and first epic One for all Like electricity and water opposite to each other not even a hero nor a villain both are Annoying half control to each other.

Icy _ icy says:

whats your quirks

Ida Susanti says:

Title: 1-300 level in one day
His level : below 120

Ayron MT says:

I Just Played With You My Name Is TustinoGames

꧁༒Stสiή༒꧂ Gaming says:

Have all for one prime

Uglycaca You rat says:

Lmao I got to 104 In 5 hours 🤣

Radalizer says:

Lol I got two legendaries from rare spins

Sam Yui says:

I forgot the code lol

Matthew Rivera says:

Should I have all my points in quirk control or strength (I have ofa prime)

just fun kid says:

Bro we got the same level

TTVGino PS4 says:

Thanks I just started playing today and now I'm level 69

Owari Da says:

Thanks for the tutorial and the code. I was looking for levels to get to level 100 to get double quirk, this really helped.

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