[NEW CODE] How to get Great Gear Sword in Heroes Online

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Time to get back in heroes online and showcase the new Great Gear Sword!
Game: https://www.roblox.com/games/1992612043/Heroes-Online-SEASON-4

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Outro Song! –
Broken – Prod. Riddiman


Owen Dragneel says:

Giving away two dual thunders because it’s my birthday

-Kookie - says:

? There no green island

斯MiKe斯 says:

Phoenix is better this sword?

SnitchLike6ix9ine - says:

1:20 wtf did you say?

Marcelo '-' says:

Thank you man you help me so much <3

Corey Foster says:

y quirk is muscler amegenetation

amzing gaming says:

I can’t find the gold bar behind muscular

Alvin Roy de Vera says:

im not lvl 100 i can already craft it
i just need the yen

King Dalz says:

i love how you talkkkkkkkk

Slish Slash says:

My first quirk is ice and my second is fire. I'm SHOTO TODOROKI but my friend trolls me with the gear blade

Dio Brando says:

I got mine for free my friend gave it to me and also he gave me a infinity gauntlet for free with all the stone

mis fit says:

Theres no golden piece there and its a halloween event

Null says:

But how do I do the third quest!?!

FMA_ripper YT says:

i have a cod hollowhollowOnthewall

kingblaze gaming says:

Bruh i can craft a second one but im too lazy to farm yen after getting like 3 skeletal blades still dont have scythe 🙁

Toshinori Yagi says:

Omg his blood type is B for Benni!!

KC Savage says:

What the name of the gear you character is wearing 😍

LeftUnwatched TM says:

My friend said he had inf gauntlet so I've been asking to get it he said nah so I said ok then and like 5 minutes ago I traded great gear blade and gamma suit for Thanos sword and storm breaker I told him I got those and he started begging how I scammed him because he gave me the junk he didn't want and asked me if I wanted the junk he didn't want this happened before him begging me and now he's saying if I don't give it (storm breaker) to him I'm a bad and greedy person and he won't be my friend anymore I don't know what to do can someone help cause he is a really close friend

Jio says:

Hey benni.Im about to buy some robux soon and i was wondering if you have a star code that i can use so i can support you

Slime_Boy190 says:

Me : have the things to craft
Also me : Only have 100000 yens
Also me again : sadness 1000

AwfulEquation6 Anakwano says:

How come it took him 11 minutes to show us a code and a location

Shrimpy Me says:

Give me devil fruit in steve one piece plzzz

Oi Oi says:

But how do you get the other gear blades

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