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This video is about to help and encourage my coupon cousins. I will answer a few questions that I get via email and dm. just talking about the over coupon experience of extreme couponing and coupon lifestyle

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I’m all about saving a money from couponing to thrifting thanks for joining my journey of savings, Videos uploaded weekly please like, comment Share and subscribe,

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Alison F says:

I love your humbleness

Crafty Beauty214 says:


abigail noahubi says:

I coupon to save money for my family. If i have a lot of laundry then i focus on other items etc… And i donate items i get free or under $1 when i have a large stock of them. Thanks for encouragement

April Fairbrother says:

Thank you for what you do. I love the fact that you share your hauls and sharing the knowledge of using paper coupons, sales at different stores as well as digitals. I have learned alot from you. So once again thank you for all you do!

Saving with Caprita says:

Thank you for this video. I’ve been couponing for about two months.

Angel White says:

I am so glad I came across your channel you are the cutest I love your personality and energy! New subbie today:) be safe!

Taicheal Petty says:

Hello can you do a shopping trip with toothpaste. That came in the Sunday newspaper.

Vanessa Garcia says:

Thank you for the video! Very good content! I totally agree with you and I also want to add that mistakes make us become better at anything. It's just how we all learn 😊

Jena Shanee says:

“Don’t be extremely broke trying to extreme coupon.” 🤣🤣🤣 😊😊😊 Tell em’ like it is 😆

brenda poling says:

Hello..Im new to your channel. Looking foward to learning from you,love this vidio & ty so much for your very helpful tips.

Shandrekia Smith says:

I watch you a lot and I’m also a couponer and I just started buying bulks of coupons at first I would by 10 to 20 but now since I’m able to budget I just bought 40 inserts that might sound like a lot but it was a big step to me because now I’m comfortable with what I’m doing and I’m able to budget bills right and everything I get laundry detergent when it’s under 2 dollars toothpaste when it’s free and a lot more stuff I’ve also learned how to coupon for food since I don’t receive food stamps

candicay says:

Im a three year couponer. My frustration is with store systems being broken. Recently CVS. Especially when I've done the work on the transaction. If it's my mess up, I'll eat that loss. But if their system is not working correctly and the manager just says 🤷‍♀️'I dont know why' then that is a problem.

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