Coupons 101: Dont Cut Your Coupons!: Part 1 (Grocery Binder)

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Learn how to make your own fast and convenient grocery binder. You don’t have to cary all your coupons to the store, just the ones you need. Save 66% on groceries and household items. By not cutting your coupons!! Learn how to sort/store your coupon inserts to use when store items are on sale. Watch other tutorials “Know Your Coupons” , “Stockpiling”, “Basics to Cutting Your Grocery Bill”.


SuperGirl1970 Carver says:

I only cut the ones I used too… or will try. I cut pet coupons to donate.

oobertuberdude says:

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joeyangora says:

I took a 10 year break from couponing… but I have made up for it. I clip and organize all my coupons. The easiest way I found was to clip one stack at a time and put that stack in its place, then cut another. Also I buy around 10 papers and dive for extras. Everyone has something to teach, so I'm watching more of your vids. ty for posting.

Jose and Femme says:

Thanks! Nice sharing! Can you please explain how you pay|reward yourself for couponing? Also, why quibids instead of ebay?

WitchdoktahArms says:

I am just starting to get into couponing. I am still trying to figure out what we actually eat all the time, and best prices etc.(what I am willing to pay for something). slowly, figuring out when to use coupons, etc. alot of planning involved.

lamrim eater says:


Fredia X says:

How do u get store policies? Do u get them directly from the store or from their website?

veromiami says:

where do you print it out?? i guess from the store website??? or from the store?? thank you

nmc37 says:

My boyfriend has been asking me to use coupons for the longest and I would tell him I didn't have time. But we need to save all the money we can and I see that its a system behind the use of coupons. I'm so glad watchfuleye sent me to ur channel. I just subbed. Thanks

GrandMimi4 says:

You're my kind of shopper..I thought I was the only one who went to such great lengths…binder…scissors…cutters..paperclips… "Shopping Expedition" LOL

Baked by Lorre says:

You must love your job. I wish I could shop at your store! A knowlegable employee, I llike that.

ceebreezeey says:


a5tgb6yhn says:

"Ellies choice" sounds like a great fit for me. i know its a bit late but i just saw the vid

ceebreezeey says:

Coupon Contessa

kevincandi1998 says:

I like the Frugal Diva! That way it can cover things other than just groceries, you can do your makeup on the cheap under that too!

ceebreezeey says:

Southern Chic Savings

couponer740 says:

The Classy Couponer or The Couponer with Class

couponer740 says:

The Classy Coupon Clipper

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