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overview of products in my home


Chris C says:

Most if not all grocery & drug stores are keeping a close eye on Coupon Fraud!
Using fake coupons! Trying to use coupons for items that is not the same.  Example: Lysol Spray is not the same as Lysol Wipes.  Read the Coupon!
Customers think the store is losing money buy taking coupons., Honestly their not! All those coupons they receive are counted and money is collected by the manufactured companies who print them.

If its fake they will detect it quickly! This is why they have camera's and cashiers remember coupon people.. especially ones with lots of coupons.

Chris C says:

Most of these coupon people sale the merchandise they get at Flea Markets/Garage Sales or even to mom & pop stores for a low price.   They don't use these items or give it to friends.  They might use stuff like food since its perishable and goes out of date fast.   I know this because my Son works for a drug store. He tells us how customers abuse the coupons!

In small print on every coupon it says  1 coupon per customer.  Stores could stop the limit of coupons being used on the same item.  Now stores have a limit on how many of the same item you can buy which is a good thing.  Let other people have a chance to buy it instead of one customer buying the entire shelf.

Chris C says:

Nobody is going to use that much Excedrin. All those boxes expire on the same date! You really need to visit a doctor if you need that much!   Here is what coupon people do when they buy this much in bulk.  It's called Coupon Fraud!

They go out and they will buy all this stuff using coupons and pay little to nothing for it. Then after a day or so they will return the items with no receipt putting the full amount of the item (shelf tag price) on to a Store Gift Card. Now pay attention to what I am telling you.  They paid tax and maybe $1.00 for the item now they return it with no receipt. The cashier behind the counter and the store has no idea what he/she paid for this item so they get full shelf price on to a Store Gift Card.  The item could be $11.99 – $15.99  By Law if the gift card  is under $10.00 the customer has an option to leave the remaining balance on the card or take it in cash.

Sara Jave Cubas says:

Very helpful video, by the way Get your 100$ Walmart gift card in this site . Only email needed.

BlackfootNative says:

Get that stuff girl- I aint mad atcha. 🙂 when a disaster happens you can help the community , or survive on your own. Its better to be prepared than to not be.

SaucyBegger25 says:

we dont have coupons for anything in england. only 10% off if we lucky. i think it would be daylight robbery if we got a free item of any kind

jessebassmaster says:

Why do you speak like if you were turned on!

FordFalcon1962nBlue says:

plus i forgot to mention i dont have the time to do this i got a classi ccar im restoring and by the time the days over ive got 4+ hours or more into it.. sometimes 6 so just dont have the time

FordFalcon1962nBlue says:

and good point that giving away food i couldnt do this either just not enough time for single parents or stay at home moms this is easy

FordFalcon1962nBlue says:

i honestly would coupon but then i would have no time to restore classic cars as my side hobby, and i need to hae at least 4-7 hours a day to do it.. if i did this i wouldnt have any time left plus shopping and such

Jenn Parsley says:

I would love to start couponing I have SO many books of coupons I have been saving for a few months .. I just dont know where to begin ? Could you help me learn to coupon and where to get the free deals ?

jim kidman says:

woman if any thing bad hapend on dec21 2012 you are ready

matemate x says:

LOL i love how you talk. "stacked all da way to the top gurll"

BurtBartlow says:

Thats a lot of fart spray.

TheCouponBoutique says:

I have those Marcal Paper paper towels and also toilet tissue. I did a video on how I get free baby stuff for my kids since I am a stay at home mom

Madison Mukbang says:

Great information! I make coupon vids too!

John Richard says:

What are you going to do with all that Excedrin? Won't it expire before you use it all?

Laura Coke says:

example ; let say the cookie is $1.00 and i have $1.00off coupon know the item is free, do i use that one coupon if i want to take 20 cookie home or is that i have to have 20 $1.00 off coupon to take 20 cookie — how does using coupon get things free ? Help ANYONE ! step by step pls ima NEWBIE..

lvmykdzz says:

Plc tell us how u got it all, what store, info…

Stuart says:

Not sure why, but I have an erection after watching this video.

Lou Smith says:

Did u record this with A lawn mower?

kimberly dianna says:

spit out the secrets!!! pleeeeease! did u get this from a grocery store? i dont really like the cvs deals because yeah its good but not truely free because you have to pay first then you get extra bucks. i want free! like just paying tax i want crazy amounts of deodorant and body wash dish soap hand soap. im learning my stockpile is starting to grow but i need some help please

Alyssa M says:

Also go to a printable coupon site to find more coupons along with the sunday paper

Alyssa M says:

@delicatelilflower88 most times they use store bucks. Does your store have store bucks?

leelee529 says:

awesome! i would love to be like you, but i have no idea where to start…=(

V. Sashe says:

Extreme Couponing Diva!

lagoveride says:

damn that chick can drop missles off in the toilet for a century.

Ray Glowa says:

freethingcoupons Good value

Jasmine Wills says:

Im am a child of 7 in a household. You guys may think coupons aren't worth it, not for a family of 7.

Chris Kaliber says:

You have a great speaking voice.

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