Customers brawl in Memphis grocery store line over coupons

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Woman upset over man paying with coupons, physical fight ensues.


Robert J Perez says:

Women just need to know their rolls and not think they are as tough as men or suffer the consequences.

riggs xamot says:

lol whitedevil. boohoo and i didn't mean to and lo and behold

Theman says:

bitch got what she deserved

k. m. says:

so she throws the drink, makes lame excuse then cries that she's the victim…. god damn crazy bitches.

Etta Buffet says:

she did that on purpose……..

Charlotte Mason says:


Sarah Lucio says:

Uh LIAR. You threw it on him at purpose! Wa wa waaaah you got what you deserve. Put your big girl panties on and own it.

Springer says:

it looks like she threw it to me…fake ass tears!

Sammy 139 says:

What a lying trailer trash this woman is, that guy was not "inching towards her" as the reporter said and she did clearly and deliberately throw her drink on him. If you act like an asshole then expect to be treated like an asshole.

Miss Ty says:

She is a damn lie!

1980rajput says:

she is a liar clearly she threw a drink at him. charge her with assault.

Infinite Cobbs says:

This dumb bitch good for her lying ass sorry bitch ain't no body running to this crying white women


Awwww,,, BOO-HOOO…Bitch you did it on purpose. .You just didn't expect him to fuck your ass up,,, Awww let me call you a WAMBULANCE….Watch who you fuck with. ..

dave rogers says:

blacks are so racist. He would of never did that to a black woman

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